2016 03/06

Połack trade union activists have filed a complaint to Viciebsk court on a prejudiced decision of Połack judges Julija Kałasoŭskaja and Vital Łapko. The processing on the complaints will be held on June 15 in Viciebsk.
Trade union leaders are asking Viciebsk court to call off the fines (5 million and 6 million Belarusian rubles) and to stop the case for lack of offense. Continue reading »

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2016 26/04

Leaflets with such a title were distributed on Saturday in Połacak near the entrance of the enterprise “Škłovałakno” by the activists of Belarusian Free Trade Union.
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2014 18/08

Андрэй Стрыжак, РэчыцаCoordinator of the youth network of the independent trade union of radio-electronic industry Andrei Stryzhak complained to the UN Human Rights Committee against a ban imposed by officials in Rechytsa on a peaceful assembly that was scheduled for September 8, 2013 and was expected to protest against the decision of the Belarusian government to abolish sick leave payments for parents raising children.
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2010 10/01
Віктар Сіліч, Жодзіна

Viktar Silich, Zhodzina

The resident of Zhodzina Viktar Silich, protected his right to freedom of conscience and belief, free entry or non-entry in the official trade union. With the support of local human rights defenders, he made his company’s officials, through performing the Labor Code of the Republic of Belarus, to pay him bonuses properly like to any other employee.

How did the events develop? What was the reason for the violation of law? And what in reality helped improve the situation for the better at the stage of non-judicial proceedings? Continue reading »

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2009 05/11

Беларускі Кангрэс Дэмакратычных Прафсаюзаў The Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions filed an unprecedented lawsuit on the elimination of adverse discrimination of members of independent trade unions in the sphere of labor relations.

The lawsuit was filed to Chashniki district court of Vitsebsk oblast for protection of Aliaksei Habryel, leader of the primary unit of the Free trade union of workers of Lukoml hydropower plant, whose labor contract was not extended by the plant administration. Continue reading »

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