2009 23/04

lgot1st_twAnton Yasinovich, together with other persons, was engaged in authorized picketing in Navapolatsk. The picket was aimed at expressing protest against the withdrawal of social preferences by the Belarusian Parliament, as well as conducting a written public inquiry on the decision. The results of the inquiry were sent to the President’s administration and local executive bodies.
However, Anton Yasinovich was accused of violating Article 130-137 of the Electoral Code of Belarus and fined BYR 1,085,000.
The court failed to prove that Yasinovich had breached public order, nor was he charged with undermining national security.
Considering the above-mentioned facts, we believe that the Republic of Belarus has violated his right to free reception and exchange of information, as well as the right to public dissemination of his personal opinion.
Anton Yasinovich has exhausted all the domestic judicial remedies and therefore lodged a complaint with the UN Human Rights Committee, yet to be considered by the authoritative body.

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