2016 02/05

In Połack the picket took place in support of the deputy chairman of the Republican Free Trade Union of Belarus Mikałaj Šarach – the assistant craftsman in the Section 7 at the enterprise “Połacak-Škłovałakno” with whom the administration refuses to renew the working contract. Continue reading »

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2016 26/04

Leaflets with such a title were distributed on Saturday in Połacak near the entrance of the enterprise “Škłovałakno” by the activists of Belarusian Free Trade Union.
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2008 09/04

Кася Салаўёва8 April in the evening at the town exit of Polatsk the road police stopped the car with the youth activists, members of the Young Front and the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party Liudvisia Atakulava, Valery Matskevich, Dzianis Sadouski, Aliaksei Shein and Pavel Sitnik. During the detention the policemen told that the chair of Polatsk town police department had some questions to them.  Continue reading »

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