2016 15/06

The need for interaction between civil society and governments to improve legislation for the prevention and avoidance of additional problems again becomes clear and obvious. Continue reading »

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2009 01/12
Уладзімер Лабковіч, Менск

Uladzimier Labkovich, Меnsk

Members of the House of Representatives are working on changes to electoral law. The new bill was presented to them by chair of the Central Election Commission Lidzia Yarmoshyna. In case all the amendments and changes are approved by the Deputies, then two laws are 40 articles of the Electoral Code will have to be corrected.
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2009 07/01

parlam_belarusWe have received a curious document – letters by Mr.Viniarski to the Constitutional Court and the Parliament of Belarus, dealing with the issue that first emerged during the trial when the accused was not allowed to use legal assistance from a human rights activist, which is an outrage against the constitutional right to defend. Continue reading »

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2008 19/12

Alaksiej LapickiOn 16 December Aliaksei Lapitski, human rights activists from Zhodzina, finally received a reply to his claim to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus #04-04/307 of 11 November, 2008, signed by M.Samaseika. (see attached materials) Continue reading »

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2008 18/11

Kanstytucyja RB i PRAVAThe last convocation of the Belarus’ Parliament was hesitating too long. It stubbornly kept silent, but as a result… it simply decided to keep it to itself… Thus, violating the acting law of the Republic of Belarus About citizen’s applications, it still has given no answer to the address of Aliaksei Lapitski of 23 December 2007, in which the human rights activist applied to the Parliament of the Republic of Belarus as a subject of legal initiative on the proposal of the Constitutional Court. Continue reading »

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