2014 09/05

Activist of the Movement for Freedom Zmicier Rabcevicz calls the government to come up to the parliament with the suggestion to exclude one-person pickets from the operation of “Law on mass events in the Republic of Belarus”. Continue reading »

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2009 29/01

On 27 January the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus was to consider the new bill on travel regulations for Belarusian citizens.

The new bill is to introduce democratic procedures of crossing the border, which would comply with the universally recognized standards of the international law.
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2008 24/10

Mihal Pastuhoǔ (Biełarus`)Here is an expert’s report by J.D. Professor Mikhail Pastukhou, Honoured Lawyer of the Republic of Belarus and ex-Chaiman of the Constitutional Court, concerning Barys Zvozskau’s Constitutional claim. Continue reading »

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2008 16/01

Vasil PaliakouIn autumn 2006 the UN Human Rights Committee condemned the decision by the Belarusian authorities to close down the Homel Regional Public Association ‘Civil Initiatives’ and called upon the government of Belarus to rehabilitate its rights. As yet, things appear to be where they started.
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