2010 10/01
Віктар Сіліч, Жодзіна

Viktar Silich, Zhodzina

The resident of Zhodzina Viktar Silich, protected his right to freedom of conscience and belief, free entry or non-entry in the official trade union. With the support of local human rights defenders, he made his company’s officials, through performing the Labor Code of the Republic of Belarus, to pay him bonuses properly like to any other employee.

How did the events develop? What was the reason for the violation of law? And what in reality helped improve the situation for the better at the stage of non-judicial proceedings? Continue reading »

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2009 14/08

The address of representatives of Human Rights Center Viasna with the demand to stop the unlawful persecution of the Belarusian-speaking soldiers including F.Viachorka has been forwarded again – this time to Homel inter-garrison military procuracy. The human rights defenders were officially informed about it by lieutenant-colonel A.Kot, first deputy military prosecutor of Belarus.

Bear in mind that on 27 July the human rights defenders Ales Bialiatski, Valiantsin Stefanovich and Uladzimir Labkovich addressed the defense minister of the Republic of Belarus Leanid Maltsau and the prosecutor general Ryhor Vasilevich with the demand to put an end to the unlawful persecution and pressurization of F.Viachorka who was serving in military unit 48694 in Mazyr, as well as other soldiers who were speaking the Belarusian language.


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