2011 22/04

Youth activist Uladzimir Shulzhytski was released yesterday evening after he was detained by Smarhon KGB on 20 April on suspicion of involvement in the 11 April Minsk metro terrorist act. Continue reading »

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2011 14/04

On 14 April the Mahiliou Region Court considered the appeal of a civil activist Dzmitry Salauyou against the verdict of the Leninski District Court which left in force the warning issued to him by the KGB for participation in the 19 December protest rally in Minsk and organization of the street actions in Mahiliou that “could result in mass riot”.
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2009 25/06

The KGB Department for Brest region doesn’t demand to acknowledge a range of publications in the “ARCHE. Pachatak” (##7-8, 2008) magazine to be “extremist” materials anymore. Continue reading »

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2008 12/12

On 12 December Iuye district court held a repeated trial concerning ‘extremist articles’ in August issue of the unregistered newspaper Svaboda. According to the lawyer Pavel Sapelka, who represented the newspaper’s interests at the trial, the court rejected the suit of Ihar Siarheyenka, head of Hrodna oblast KGB department, as no extremist articles have been found in the issue in question.
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2008 12/10

Valancin Stefanovič (Miensk)Lawyer and human rights defender Valiantsin Stefanovic comments on a number of suits filed by Hrodna KGB asking to recognize that the seized printed editions are of extremist nature:

“We observe unprecedented processes when the regional Committee for State Security (KGB) appeals to court under the Code of Civic Procedures, asking to recognize the legal fact that some printed editions are extremist. Among the editions on their list there is the Chronicle Review of Human Rights Violations in Belarus”, published by Viasna in 2004. According to the plaintiffs, it contains pictures from the rallies of anti-Belarusian nature: the Freedom Day, the Chernobyl March, Ancestors’ day, and others. The KGB also thinks the Review contains calls to overthrow the regime in an unconstitutional way. Continue reading »

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2008 07/06

Алесь Бяляцкі_On Friday, 23 May 2008 three KGB officers suddenly burst into the apartment of Leanid Svetsik, human rights activist from Vitsebsk. They showed to him the ruling of the prosecutor’s office for initiation of criminal proceedings under Article 130.1 of the Criminal Case of the Republic of Belarus (fomentation of national and religious enmity). According to this ruling, Mr. Svetsik is considered a witness in the case of threats to certain citizens from the side of the underground neo-Nazi organization Russian National Unity (RNE). Continue reading »

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