2009 01/04

On 25 March Maryiana Hruzdzilovich was suddenly dismissed from the position of a teacher at a branch of the British educational center SOL Minsk. The reason was a fabricated letter, allegedly sent by a group of parents, in which it was stated that the teacher was dealing with oppositional propaganda among pupils. By the way, it was impossible to collect parents’ signatures under the letter, as the classes, at which the teacher reacted to a disgraceful saying of a pupil about participants of 25 March action, ended at 9 p.m., and the following morning the administration of the educational center received the letter concerning this incident. Maryiana also made telephone calls to the parents to ensure that they had received no telephone calls and there were no talks about complaining against her. Only later did the teacher found, that the father of the ‘insulted’ pupil was a police colonel.
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