2010 14/01
Уладзімер Кацора, Гомель

Uladzimir Katsora, Homel

Homel activist of the Movement “For Freedom” Uladzimir Katsora appealed to public authorities with a demand to implement the requirement of the decision by the UN Human Rights Committee on the reestablishment of the public association “Civil Initiatives”. Continue reading »

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2009 19/11


16 November was the deadline for the Belarusian authorities to provide their comments on the complaint submitted to the UN Human Rights Committee by the family of the disappeared Anatol Krasouski. The complaint submitted by Iryna and Valerya Krasouskis was registered by the Committee on 16 November 2008, its copy being sent to the respondent, www.ciwr.org reports.
The Belarusian authorities were initially to respond to the complaint by 16 May 2009. Continue reading »

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2009 29/05

Alaksiej LapickiOr how ‘the improper Freedom’ stains the image of ‘the true democracy’ in the Belarusian Constitution…
(in continuation of the conversation on the issues covered in the article ‘The Freedom of Speech… in the International and Belarusian Legal Context’)
While the post-Soviet countries of the European Partnership are starting their trip towards the European Union, Belarus, just like 10-12 years ago, is stagnant and absolute predictable stability in the civil and political area…
However, this time, we will try to analyze but one, purely legal issue and see whether all’s well in our Kingdom, as it is advertized by ‘highly appointed’ or, should we say, ‘highly anointed’ persons of the country…
So, why does the Belarusian Constitution limit the freedom of thought and conscience… and belief (their free individual or public dissemination and distribution), set out in Part 1 of Article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) as the freedom of thought, conscience and religion, to mere Freedom of religion and the right ‘to profess any religion individually or jointly with others, or to profess none at all, to express and spread beliefs connected with one’s attitude towards religion’ (Article 31)?! Continue reading »

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2009 16/02

Alaksiej Lapicki, ŽodzinaDoes the current version of the Belarusian Constitution correspond to the universally recognized principles of the international law?
How does the state implement the imperative procedures of the international law, stated in the international treaties and resulting in its high obligations?
It is high time to raise these crucial questions. The answers to these questions will determine the country’s reputation and help Belarus find its place among other European countries.
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2008 18/10

Alaksiej Łapicki, ŽodzinaThe issue under analysis is still topical, having a definitely practical meaning in the light of the recent events and the post-election resolution by the Council of Europe. The article deals with the issues having an enormous practical significance for the democratization of the society.

Their solution could be a step towards the international community, aimed at the creation of a renewed reputation of Belarus as a sensible and predictable partner, committed to the international standards in the field of civil and political rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, in particular.

Thus, to be or not to be: that is the question!

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