2009 23/08

velichkoThe press center of “Church of God” reports that on 19 August 2009 the officials of the ideological department of Zhodzina executive local government bodies together with fire emergency and unidentified police officers made a raid on a private house at Lahojskaja str., which belongs to a bishop of “Church of God” Aliaksandr Vialichka. Continue reading »

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2009 12/04

luter-rose_c-1The Commissioner on Religions and Nationalities of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus (registration authority) issued a written warning # 02-03/720 to the Religious Association Evangelical-Lutheran Church in the Republic of Belarus for violating the Law on Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations.
At the same time, the decision by the Commissioner resulted in unfavourable legal consequences for our religious association. Under paragraph 2 Article 37 of the Law on Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations, in case the violations are not corrected or occur again within a year, the registration authority has a right to initiate the organization’s judicial dissolution. Moreover, the registration authority has a right to suspend the activities of the religious organization awaiting results of trial. Continue reading »

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2008 06/11

Барыс ЗвозскаўHere is an article provided by the human rights expert Barys Zvozskau. Bearing in mind recent events concerning the freedom of religion in Russia, including information on religious persecution of Old Believers and their appeal for legal assistance, the article appears to be extremely topical, since it deals with a European approach to the exercise of this vital element of the concept of human rights, i.e. freedom of consciousness. Continue reading »


2008 01/11

Ikony staraverau, Vietka (Belarus)The editorial board of the Belarusian Legal Portal (by.prava-by.info) learned about the appeal for support in distribution of information concerning facts of violation of rights and freedoms of Russian citizens. Continue reading »