2015 06/02

Human rights defenders from Biaroza applied for conducting agreements with the hospital, public utility sector and police for service during pickets on March 9th and March 25th. Continue reading »


2015 12/01

Why do executive committees continue to torpedo Main Law of the country and violate fundamental rights of citizens? Why do direct contradictions in legislation remain incorrect for years and citizens are deprived of their own constitutional right because of that?! Why is ideologist allowed to ignore constitutional rights and civil status of every Belarusian?
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2014 04/12

Only in the beginning of December human rights defenders Alaksiej Lapicki and Sviatlana Lapickaja found in their post box an envelope with a reply of housing utilities sector of Minsk regional executive committee on appeal about the fact of Zhodzina housing utilities sector of refused to conduct service agreement on cleaning the grounds after an event being held there demanded by the executive committee.   Continue reading »

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2012 29/02

According to Uladzimir Shyla, a local public activist, deputies must address the issue of prohibition of mass events in the town. Executive committee of Salihorsk didn’t grant another five appeals to hold mass events in Salihorsk.
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2010 17/07

At a meeting of Belarusian human rights defenders there arose a discussion concerning the appropriateness of submitting individual complaints to the UN Human Rights Committee, taking shape in two main approaches – pessimistic and optimistic. Without denying the usefulness of the protection instrument in general, the pessimists argued that the Committee’s ability is extremely limited, the cases are long, besides the government of Belarus considers the decisions not binding. Accordingly, there is no need to resort extensively to the filing of complaints to the UN Human Rights Committee and to use this mechanism only in exceptional cases. Continue reading »

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2010 22/03
За кратамі ў "Дзень Волі", А.Камароўскі

In custodial sentence on the Freedom Day, А.Каmarouski (2009)

On the eve of Freedom Day on March 25 the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva received another comment in the communication exchange with the UN Human Rights Committee on the complaint by Aliaksandr Kamarouski (Zhodzina). Continue reading »

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2010 10/02
Жодзінскі суд

The complainants are going to file an appeal in the case of the protection of the right to peaceful assembly in Zhodzina, following a negative decision by the Acting Chief Judge Tatsiana Tratsiuk issued on 27.01.2010. Continue reading »

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2010 27/01
Жодзінскі гарадзкі суд

Zhodzina town court

On 27.01.2010 from 10-00 to 11-30 Zhodzina Town Court held the last hearing on the protection of the right to peaceful assembly in Zhodzina, where over the past 9 years, not a single mass event, applied for by the citizens, human rights activists or non-governmental organizations and political actors, was permitted.

The court sessions was held by Deputy Chair of the Court Judge Tatsiana Tratsiuk. The executive committee was represented by lawyer Volha Verhel.

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2010 26/01
Васіль Грышчанка, Жодзінскі выканкам
Vasil Hryshchanka, Zhodzina executive committee

On January 26, 2010 from 14-30 to 16-30 Zhodzina Court chaired by Judge Tatsiana Tratsiuk held the second preliminary meeting on the complaint by Zhodzina human rights defender Aliaksei Lapitski, against the prohibiting of the peaceful mass action, applied for by him and Sviatlana Lapitskaya on 25.11.2009 for 10.12.2009 on the International Human Rights Day by the local executive committee. Continue reading »

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2010 19/01


The first meeting on the complaint by Zhodzina human rights defenders against the local executive committee’s ban on peaceful mass events, applied for on 25.11.2009 for 10.12.2009 on the International Human Rights Day, was held on 18.01.2010 in the office of deputy chair of Zhodzina Court, Judge Tatsiana Tratsiuk. Continue reading »

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2008 10/09

Аляксей Лапіцкі, 2007What runs the show in Belarusian courts: ideological expediency or the Law?

A number of Zhodzina human rights activists have submitted a claim to the Un Human Rights Committee to protect their civil and political rights.

The UN office in Belarus has considered the claim and submitted it for the further consideration of the Geneva-based Human Rights Committee.

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