2009 22/08
Алег Гулак, страшыня БГК

Aleh Hylah

Belarusian Helsinski Committee (BHC), a registered human rights organization, has made two special appeals to Prosecutor’s office and Ministry of Education in support of interests of the parents of Janka Lapicki, who’s inherent right on free obligatory general education in Belarusian language in Gymnasia №1 in Zhodzina was violated for the second time during the last 4 years by the actions of local authorities. Continue reading »

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2009 29/01

Алег Гулак

Aleh Hulak

The Presidential Administration is establishing a public advisory council on human rights and has invited representatives of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee (BHC) to join it, Aleh Hulak, leader of the human rights group, reported BelaPAN
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2008 12/12

Даклад аб сытуацыі з правамі чалавека ў БеларусіOn December 10, the International Human Rights Day, Belarusian Helsinki Committee released its latest report on the situation in the field of human rights in Belarus in 2007-2008. The Russian version can be found at the BHC web-site , or downloaded here. Continue reading »

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2008 19/10

BGKIn the afternoon of 6 October the road policemen of Stoubtsy district police department stopped the car of the deputy chairperson of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Tatsiana Hatsura on the highway Brest-Minsk. Continue reading »