2012 22/03
Юрась Захаранка, Гомель

Yuras Zakharanka, Homel

The UN Human Rights Committee has registered a complaint submitted by Homel activist of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party People’s Hramada Yuras Zakharanka.
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2012 12/03

On 5 March the discussion of the yearly report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders took place at the UN Human Rights Council.
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2012 24/02

Zinaida Shumilina, Homel

A member of the UCP from Homel Zinaida Shumilina has sent an individual complaint to the UN Committee on Human Rights. She believes that, together with his colleagues suffered from the actions of Belarusian authorities. The conflict, which requires the intervention of the international structure – the UN Committee on Human Rights, established in February last year.
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2012 18/02

Vladislav Kovalev

Liubou Kavaliova, mother of sentenced to death penalty Vladislau Kovaliou received a response from the Presidential Administration.
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