2014 30/05

On May 29 in Kastrychnickaya Square in Minsk riot militia officer detained several participants of the picketing “Death to Kremlin occupiers”. Continue reading »

2014 30/05

Chairman of Homel region court Siarhei Shautsou believes that the Belarusian law on freedom of assembly does not contradict international standards of freedom of peaceful assembly. He said this to the activist of trade union of radio-electronic industry (REI) Andrei Stryzhak who complained about the ban of a procession in Rechitza street.
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2014 27/05

After the single voting day in the Ukraine the delivery of records and the registration of the voting results is still continuing on the 25th of May. The process of delivering the final records together with ballots takes place day and night on the 25th of May. Continue reading »

2014 24/05

Zmicier Karashkou is a public activist from Homel of “Stop drinking – we have to live” Company. He brings to the international community the facts of being repeatedly persecuted by the state for expressing his opinion related to Russia’s initiation of war in the Ukraine, and for drawing attention to the problem of alcoholization of the nation. Continue reading »

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2014 21/05

On March 28, the UN Human Rights Committee said that the Belarusian authorities violated the right of a member of the Zhlobin office of the Belarusian Left Party “Fair World” Uladzimir Kirsanau to freedom of peaceful assembly by prohibiting him in 2008 to hold a picket in Zhlobin in order to attract public attention to problems faced by the country’s political parties and public associations. Continue reading »

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2014 19/05

Yury Varonezhtsau, a known public and political figure in Homel, submitted today a complaint to the UN Human Rights Committee to appeal against a ban on a street procession in support of political prisoner Ales Bialiatski. Continue reading »

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2014 12/05

Uladzimir Kumets

The administrative case of Uladzimir Kumets is being heard at the Leninski district court in Minsk. Uladzimir was detained on 10 May, around 3 p.m. When the activist went out of his home and got into the car, a couple of unknown men in plain clothes blocked him with their car. Kumets jumped out of his car and tried to escape, but was detained. Continue reading »


2014 09/05

Activist of the Movement for Freedom Zmicier Rabcevicz calls the government to come up to the parliament with the suggestion to exclude one-person pickets from the operation of “Law on mass events in the Republic of Belarus”. Continue reading »

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2014 07/05

In the morning of May 6 four active fans of capital’s club “Partyzan” were detained. After the reports were drawn up on the Art. 17.1 of Administrative Code (disorderly conduct) the fans were brought to the Partyzanski district court of Minsk. Continue reading »

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2014 04/05

A book “Court cases, that change the Ukraine” has come out recently. This title is about people winning extraordinary suits and cases of first impression. It is published in the original language.
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