2014 26/02

At the end of 2013 BHC* chairman in Vitebsk Pavel Levinau sent to the district to the Pershamaiski district administration an application concerning his intention to celebrate the 10th of December, Human Rights Day, and hold a mass event in the form of a one-minute rally. Continue reading »

2014 26/02

Barys Zvozskau was born on February 26, 1949 in Belogorsk (Russia). He graduated from Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute specializing at engineering and Higher international courses on human rights. Continue reading »

2014 25/02

Big rally, which was attended by various estimates by 1.5-2 thousand Warsaw inhabitants and city guests, took place on Sunday 23.02.2014 in Castle Square in Warsaw. Continue reading »

2014 24/02

Solihorsk civil activist Uladzimir Shyla appeals in cassation institution against the ban of picketing on Human Rights Day by Salihorsk district Executive Committee. He sent a correspondent complaint to Minsk regional court. Continue reading »

2014 24/02

On February 22, activists were detained at the Ukrainian border, they got a stamp into their passports which prohibited entry the territory of Ukraine for 5 years and were taken on the Belarusian side. Later there appeared militia officers, who detained the guys for they were allegedly to curse. Continue reading »

2014 23/02

Belarusian activists planned to lay flowers and light candles near the sign “Zero Kilometer”, but ended up in Central district militia department.
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2014 17/02

The Executive Committee’s reasons for the ban is lack of contracts with communal services, medical institutions and militia. “Meanwhile, neither medics nor the utility did respond to our request to sign contracts,” – says one of the applicants of the campaign Zmitser Lupach. Continue reading »

2014 16/02

Assembly of Pro-Democratic NCOs and Legal Transformation Center prepared annual report “Freedom of association and the legal status of non-commercial organizations in Belarus” in 2013. Continue reading »

2014 14/02

February 14, St. Valentine’s Day, the Office of the Polish MEP Marek Migalski expresses its solidarity with the Free Belarus – Belarusian political prisoners and civil society.
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2014 11/02

Алесь Бяляцкі, за кратамі ў зале паседжаньня February 10 the international organization Front Line Defenders presented the Belarusian human rights activist Ales Bialiatski, the first of six finalists for the 10th annual Front Line Defenders Award for Human Rights Defenders at Risk, awarded in collaboration with medyyasetkay “Al Jazeera.” Continue reading »

2014 10/02

‘Rights. Risks. Change!’ Campaign to focus attention on targeted human rights defenders.

Front Line Defenders launched an on-line and social media campaign today to focus attention on the plight of 12 human rights defenders (HRDs) from Eastern Europe and Central Asia coinciding with the launch of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Continue reading »

2014 09/02

As previously reported, UNCHR adopted a positive decision on the individual appeal from Zhodzina on the case “Komorovski vs Belarus”. Now the decision of the Committee was officially published in the original (in English) on the website of the Center of Social and Political Rights of the United Nations (look at the base of individual appeals). Continue reading »

2014 08/02

Monitoring “Government bodies of the Republic of Belarus: 15 years online” was performed lawyers of the Legal Transformation Center (Lawtrend). They studied 45 sites of government agencies and organizations. Continue reading »

2014 07/02

8 On February 6, an analytic report on media situation in Belarus was presented at the office of the Belarusian Association of Journalists.
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2014 05/02

Siarhei Housha

Human rights activist Siarhei Housha wrote a letter to the Constitutional Court (CC) of the Republic of Belarus. He reports that the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations (hereinafter HRC Committee) adopted two positive decision on his appeals. Continue reading »

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