2011 30/07
Аляксандар Вайцешык, Баранавічы

Aliaksandar Vaitseshyk, Baranavichy

On 27 July, Baranavichy civil activist Aliaksandar Vaitseshyk lodged a complaint with the town’s police chief against an incident that reportedly took place in the activist’s flat on the same day.
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2011 29/07
А.Савіных, МЗС Беларусі

А.Savinykh, Belarusian MFA

The UN Human Rights Committee’s statement on Belarus’ violations of its international obligations by executing two death sentences is “injurious”, Belarusian MFA spokesperson Andrei Savinykh said on 28 July.

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2011 28/07

united_nations11The committee – an independent body supervising compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) – expressed “dismay” that the executions were the second such breach by Belarus in two years.

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2011 28/07

According to Mr. Uladzimir Marozau, he lost consciousness after a plain-clothes policeman put a knee across his neck, and subsequently appealed the incident at Minsk City Prosecutor’s Office.
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2011 27/07

The recent execution of a Belarusian man convicted of assault and murder does nothing to advance the cause of justice, Amnesty International said today.
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2011 26/07
Валянцін Стэфановіч, Менск

Valiantsin Stefanovich, Мiеnsk

“Under the UN procedures, Belarus should not have executed the death verdicts. However, our country, as I see it, once again ignores its obligations undertaken under the UN instruments”, said human rights defender Valiantsin Stefanovich in an interview to www.zautra.by, following reports of two death convicts being executed in Minsk last week. Continue reading »

2011 15/07
Уладзімер Малей, Бярэсьце

Uladzimier Malei, Malaryta

On 14 July Uladzimir Malei, member of the Human Rights Center Viasna from Malaryta, lodged a complaint with the Malaryta District Procuracy concerning unlawful actions of the police officers who had detained him on 13 July in the evening.
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