2011 30/03
Алесь Бяляцкі, Менск

Аles Bialacki, Мiеnsk

Leader of the Human Rights Center “Viasna” Ales Bialiatski has lodged a complaint with Minsk Tsentralny District Court, appealing a warning issued to the human rights defender by the General Prosecutor’s Office on 16 February. Continue reading »

2011 30/03
Эўрапейская асацыяцыя адвакатаў

London, 24 March 2011

Mr. Viktor Grigorevich Golovanov

Minister of Justice

Ministry of Justice

10 Kollektornaya str.


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2011 25/03
Міліцыя, Жодзіна

Міlitia, Zhodzina

It has to be made under the commands of the authorities in certain terms as an additional obligatory assignment and to be distributed among different investigators (!?) Thus, the administration of Zhodzina TDIA ordered investigator Tsiulmankou to get fingerprints of human right defender A. Lapitsky till 01.04.2011(!?).
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2011 23/03
Рыгор Васілевіч, Менск

Ryhor Vasilievich, Мiеnsk

Indeed, the current situation shows us once again that Belarusian General Prosecutor’s Office systematically refuses to fulfil norms of international and constitutional standards towards the citizens of the country.
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2011 21/03
Раман Кісьляк, Бярэсьце

Раман Кісьляк, Бярэсьце

Brest human rights defender Raman Kisliak received a reply from Leninski District Police Department, confirming the presence of female employees on staff of the local detention center, following a

complaint by local resident Inha Abramava submitted to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women. Mrs. Abramava complained about gender-based discrimination and torture in Brest Leninski District detention center.
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2011 21/03
Прымусовая дактыляскапія

forced mass dactylography

Defence of people’s Constitutional rights became very important in Belarus before the election campaign of 2010 and now, after the events of 19.12.2010 and after introduction of amended Law of Republic of Belarus “About state dactyloscopic registration”. Citizens faced general pressure of purposeful and persistent actions of militia – forced dactylography. Continue reading »

2011 18/03
Рада па правах чалавеку ААН

UN Human Rights Council

On 14 March, the 16th session of the UN Human Rights Council adopted a joint statement on the situation in Belarus, which was signed by 45 countries, including all the EU members. The statement calls the Belarusian authorities and President Aliaksandr Lukashenka in particular to promptly and unconditionally release and rehabilitate all the persons arrested on political grounds after the 19 December 2010 election.
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2011 17/03

The Ukraine’s State Committee for National and Religious Affairs repeatedly denied political asylum to Belarusian opposition activist Ihar Koktysh.
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2011 17/03

Андрэй Юраў, Расея

Andrei Yurov, Head of the International Observation Mission of the Committee on International Control over the Situation with Human Rights in Belarus, is going to appeal his persona non grata status in Belarus.
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2011 10/03
Грамадзянская супольнасьць

Civil society

On 9 March a collective address concerning the draft law On Non-profit Organizations was passed to the House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers. The document was signed by 110 NGOs of various legal forms of organization and activities, which comprise more than 270,000 members. This is the most large-scale campaign of lobbying the common interests of the Belarusian civil society organizations.
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2011 09/03
Кастусь Шыталь, Глыбокае

Kastus Shytal, Hlybokaye

Kastus Shytal, a civil activist from the town of Hlybokaye, a correspondent with the internet edition westki.info, received a summons to the Hlybokaye District Court for 10 March. He had been an observer of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee during the latest presidential election.
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2011 07/03


The report was examined concerning violation of freedom of expression, right to fair and independent court, freedom from discrimination and right to be elected and participate in state affairs (Articles 14, p. 1; 19; 25; 26 of the Covenant) Continue reading »

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2011 04/03
Павал Сапелка, Менск

Pavel Sapelka, Miensk

The order of the Ministry of Justice concerning lawyer Pavel Sapelka was considered at a sitting of the Minsk City Bar on 3 March.
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