2010 13/03
Сяргей Гоўша, Баранавічы

Siarhei Housha, Baranavichy

On 12 March, the member of the Belarusian Popular Front Siarhei Housha addressed Viktar Dzichkouski, Chairperson of the Baranavichy city executive committee, with a letter in which he wrote that he had been present at the historical sitting of the executive committee, at which the composition of 66 precinct election commissions consisting of 685 persons were adopted without the announcement and discussion of any the candidacies. The number of the applications on nomination of persons to the precinct commissions, the surnames of the nominees and those who were included in the commissions weren’t announced either. Continue reading »

2010 13/03
Там, дзе перамагае ... права?

Zhodzina town court

Cassation complaint registered under 17.02.2010 was filed against the decision of Zhodzina court of 27.01.2010 about Zhodzina executive committee forbidding peaceful picketing on 10.12.2009 on the International Human Rights Day in Zhodzina. Hearing of the case in Minsk regional court was first scheduled on 11.03.2010. Applicant Aliaksiey Lapitsky took notice about it on 01.03.2010. Continue reading »