2010 04/03
дзіўная справа №2-10-2010

Case №2-10-2010 (12.02.2010 - before disappearing of document)

Information on the case about protecting the right for education of Belarusian-speaking pupil Yanka Lapitsky isn’t provided by the administration of gymnasium #1, but… But a sensational disappearance of an important process document from the court case is also information!

On 12.02.2010 after familiarization with materials of the case #2-200-2010 in the court, Aliaksiey lapitsky, who defends rights of his own son, a 14-year old Yan, to continue education in Zhodzina Gymnasium #1 in Belarusian language, visited administration of Town Education Department and tried to find the documents of TED which are connected with violations of his right for choosing type and language of education. Continue reading »