2010 27/02
Суд горада Жодзіна

Zhodzina town court

On 26.02.2010 in Zhodzina court an extraordinary and unexpected event happened. Everything started as usual and nobody expected anything surprising. Aliaksiey Lapitsky came to court to familiarize himself with the protocol of the court session which took place on 10-11.02.2010 with Tatsiana Tratsiuk as a head judge.
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2010 24/02
Юры Шары, Жодзінскі выканкам

Yury Shary, Zhodzina executive committee

On 24.02.2010 between 09-00 and 10-00, Juvenile Commission of Zhodzina executive committee held a meeting, which was attended under the threat of administrative sanctions by the parents of the Belarusian-speaking schoolboy Yanka Lapitski, who due to a series of decisions by Zhodzina executive authorities lost the opportunity to continue his education in Zhodzina gymnasium № 1 in Belarusian. Continue reading »

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2010 23/02
Алесь Бяляцкі, ПЦ "Вясна"

Аles Bialacki, PC "Viasna"

Mass detentions and arrests of representatives of the unrecognized Union of Poles, a nervous attitude of the police to the work of journalists, trials and allegations of disorderly conduct against civil and political activists – all this has its specific reasons, which the authorities try to cover up with demagogic statements on rights and freedoms. These are the reasons named by the vice-president of the International Federation of Human Rights, Chairman of the Human Rights Center Viasna Ales Bialiatski in an interview with our correspondent.

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2010 18/02
Сяргей Гоўша, Баранавічы

Siarhei Housha, Baranavichy

On 17 February, human rights defender Siarhei Housha, observer of the Belarusian Language Society in the Baranavichy city election commission, lodged a complaint with he Baranavichy prosecutor I.Palyka concerning the determination of the places for agitation by the Baranavichy city executive committee (CEC).

Bear in mind that the Baranavichy CEC determined only one place for it – the 50-hoddzia ULKSM Park.

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2010 18/02
БХД не рэгіструюць


On 18 February, Vital Rymasheuski and Pavel Seviarynets, co-Chairpersons of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party, and Dzianis Sadouski, BCD Senior Secretary, weren’t admitted to the sitting of the Supreme Court at which the verdict on the case BCD v. Justice Ministry was announced.
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2010 17/02


Assessing the role of mass media in covering the election campaigns, Lidziya Yarmoshyna, Chairperson of the Central Election Commission, stated that ‘state mass media have the right to criticize opposition candidates during elections’, but ‘forgot’ to add that pro-governmental candidates also can be subject to similar critique with the aim of creating equal conditions for all candidates. Continue reading »

2010 17/02
Рэжым баіцца салідарнасьці

Regime afraid of solidarity

On 16 February the riot police dispersed the action of solidarity on Kastrychnitskaya Square in central Minsk. Some of the action participants were detained preventively on the way to the square. Riot policemen also prevented journalists from making photos. As soon as they saw a camera, they ringed the journalist. In some cases, they even tried hitting on cameras. Continue reading »

2010 16/02
Cуд без судзьдзі ... Рашэньне - без вырашэньня

Court - without justice. Decision - ...

As it became known, as soon as on 11.02.2010 at 10-30, the day after the pre-trial proceedings, practically on the fly, without even letting the applicants to undress after entering the court room, Judge of Zhodzina Town Court Tatsiana Tratsiuk announced her final decision. Continue reading »

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2010 12/02
Прэс-канфэрэнцыя, Менск

Прэс-канфэрэнцыя, Менск

On 11 February, human rights defenders presented their report on the procedure of the Universal Periodical Review of Belarus in the UN Human Rights Committee.

The Universal Periodical Review, to which Belarus prepares now, is a mechanism of the Human Rights Council, within the frames of which the Council holds regular reviews of implementation by 192 UN member countries of their obligations in the sphere of human rights. Continue reading »

2010 12/02

This compilation of materials was prepared in August-September 2009 by a group of NGOs for conveyance to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in conjunction with the preparation of the Universal Periodic Review of the Republic of Belarus’ fulfillment of its international human rights obligations. Continue reading »

2010 11/02
Иван Стасюк, Берасьце

Іvan Stasiuk, Bierascie

Ivan Stasiuk, a member of the international youth organization Young Front registered in Czech, was issued an official warning for activities on behalf of unregistered organization. The activist was summoned to the Bierascie (Brest) oblast procuracy for 9 a.m. on 11 February, and was required to give explanations. Continue reading »

2010 10/02
Жодзінскі суд

The complainants are going to file an appeal in the case of the protection of the right to peaceful assembly in Zhodzina, following a negative decision by the Acting Chief Judge Tatsiana Tratsiuk issued on 27.01.2010. Continue reading »

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2010 08/02


The new law should not become a “limitation of freedom of speech in Internet.” This is the opinion of OSCE representative on mass media freedom, Miklosh Harashtsi. Continue reading »

2010 07/02
Igar Piatryshenka

Igar Piatryshenka

Homel member of the For Freedom movement Uladzimer Katsora addressed the state bodies with the requirement of the fulfillment of the UN Human Rights Committee decision concerned the reactivation of the Civil Initiatives public association.

One of the appeals was directed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is directly responsible for the actions of the Republic of Belarus within the terms of international agreements, works in the field of international legal environment, and creates the image of the Republic in the sphere of international affairs and interstate partnership. Continue reading »

2010 06/02
Адзьдзел Адукацыі, Жодзіна

Zhodzina Town Department of Education

On 10.02.2010 is due the next scheduled meeting of Zhodzina Court on the complaint by the parents of Yanka Lapitski against the misdeeds of the officials of the executive committee of Zhodzina who ceased Belarusian-language education of their son at Gymnasium № 1 of Zhodzina.

Meanwhile, on 04.02.2010 Yanka Lapitski’s parents received a letter from the school, dated 14.01.2010. As can be seen, the correspondence was strangely unable to reach the address in Zhodzina for entire 20 days (!?).

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2010 01/02
Зьміцер Дашкевіч, Менск

Zmitser Dashkevich, Мiеnsk

On 30 January a Constituent Congress of the youth organization “Young Front” was held in the Minsk headquarters of BNF.

Delegates from all regions of Belarus arrived to the congress. According to BelaPAN, the head of the “Young Front” Zmitser Dashkevich reminded that the organizers of the Congress requested an accommodation for the congress to more than a dozen public and cultural institutions. Continue reading »