2010 10/01
Віктар Сіліч, Жодзіна

Viktar Silich, Zhodzina

The resident of Zhodzina Viktar Silich, protected his right to freedom of conscience and belief, free entry or non-entry in the official trade union. With the support of local human rights defenders, he made his company’s officials, through performing the Labor Code of the Republic of Belarus, to pay him bonuses properly like to any other employee.

How did the events develop? What was the reason for the violation of law? And what in reality helped improve the situation for the better at the stage of non-judicial proceedings? Continue reading »

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2010 10/01

ЯК АКАЗАЛАСЯ, ДОСТУП ДА НЕЗАЛЕЖНАЕ ПРЭСЫ Ў МЕНСКУ – ПЫТАНЬНЕ ДАГЭТУЛЬ АДКРЫТАЕ … As it turns out, access to independent media in Belarus is still an open question … Continue reading »

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2010 10/01
Дзень Правоў Чалавеку, Жодзіна

Human Rights Day, Zhodzina

On December 10, 2009 activists of human rights community and members of Human Rights Centre “Viasna” in Zhodzina conducted several campaigns devoted to International Human Rights Day. Since early morning informational materials and posters with The Universal Declaration of HUMAN RIGHTS were brought to educational and administrative establishments of Zhodzina.
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