2009 19/11
Валер Рыбчанка, Гомель

Valer Rybchanka, Homel

Judge Vasil Biahun of Homel Regional Court has ruled to reverse a 700,000-rouble fine to Valery Rybchanka, local opposition Communist leader, his civil case being sent for reconsideration at Homel Chyhunachny Court. Continue reading »

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2009 19/11


16 November was the deadline for the Belarusian authorities to provide their comments on the complaint submitted to the UN Human Rights Committee by the family of the disappeared Anatol Krasouski. The complaint submitted by Iryna and Valerya Krasouskis was registered by the Committee on 16 November 2008, its copy being sent to the respondent, www.ciwr.org reports.
The Belarusian authorities were initially to respond to the complaint by 16 May 2009. Continue reading »

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2009 19/11
Partyja BHK

Partyja BCD

Organizers of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party have stated about mass pressure on activists of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party with a demand to withdraw their signatures under the founding document for party creation. Continue reading »


2009 19/11
Alaksiej Lapicki, Zhodzina

Alaksiej Lapicki

I cannot but express my thoughts and attitudes about the very laconic and aptly remark by the known in Belarus and far beyond human rights defender, my friend, Ales Bialiatski.

His findings are absolutely accurate and indisputable!

In fact, freedom of speech, thought, information dissemination, as well as freedom of association and peaceful assembly … are only real prerequisites for the normal existence of civil society, the existence of different public stances and public dialogue in it. This free space and a public pluralism of ideas are essential for providing conditions for a meaningful choice in society. Continue reading »

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