2009 04/11
Сурган і Каваленка, Гарадок

T. Surhan and S.Kavalenka, Vitsebsk

Judge of the Kastrychnitski district Edgar Martyrasian fined Vitsebsk activists Taras Surhan and Siarhei Kavalenka 700 000 rubles (about $255) each.

The oppositionists were fined for marching along Vitsebsk Street with white-red-white flags on 2 November, the day when the Ancestors’ Day, Dziady is celebrated in Belarus. The activists were charged with holding an unsanctioned rally, RFE/RL informs. Continue reading »

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2009 04/11
Пятро Кузьняцоў, Гомель

Piotr Kuzniatsou, Homel

The owners of the Belarusian passports are under state protection. So it is written in the document itself. However, the Belarusian reality is built on lies. It often happens that the Belarusian passport is a passport to hell.
Vitebsk human rights activist Leanid Svetsik was sentenced to a fine of about 12 thousand dollars! It was several months ago, but for some reason it is now when this has to be pronounced. Continue reading »

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