2011 08/08

On 8 August, Rosemary Thomas, Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, paid a visit to the office as well.

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2009 06/11
Памяць продкаў пад забаронаю, Вілейка

Verdict to Vileika activists left unchanged.

On November 6 Minsk regional court dismissed the complaint by the pro-democratic movement activists from Vileika region Aiaksei Siudak, Uladzimir Maliarchuk and Ales Narkevich.
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2009 02/10
Alaksiej Siudak
Alaksiej Siudak

On 2 October the trial of Uladzimir Maliarchuk, Ales Narkevich and Aliaksei Siudak came to an end. They were charged with holding an unauthorized rally on 1 September near the village of Krasny Berazhok, where some memorial crosses were installed. These crosses were dismantled by the district authorities in several days and an administrative case was brought against participants of the commemorative action.

At 3 p.m. the judge read the verdict, without explaining how the court could prove the ‘violation’.

Maliarchuk and Siudak were fined 1 050 000 rubles (about $) each and Narkevich – 750 000 rubles. Having read the verdict the judge left the court hall without raising his eyes.

Source: vialejka.org