2015 19/01

Grodno City Executive Committee denied activists of the United Civil Party to hold a picket for the resignation of the country’s leadership. Continue reading »


2015 08/01

January 8, Hrodna Regional Court dismissed the appeal of the journalist Andrei Mialeshka against a fine. Judge Anatol Zayats supported the court of the first instance and left its verdict unchanged.
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2014 04/09

Activists of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy in the Hrodna region received 13 refusals to their 13 applications for information pickets in different cities.
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2014 20/06

The UN Human Rights Committee admitted to consideration a complaint by Viktar Sazonau, a human rights defender from Hrodna, Radio Racyja reports.
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2012 29/06

Andrei Pachobut, journalist and blogger, correspondent for Gazeta Wyborcza

A number of Hrodna journalists have sent an open letter to the Prosecutor General of Belarus, expressing their protests against the criminal charges brought against reporter Andrei Pachobut. Continue reading »

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2012 02/02
Мікола Уласевіч

Mikalay Ulasievich, Harodnia

On February 2 in the Leninsky district court of Harodnia hearing of the complaint of Astraviets activist Mikalay Ulasievich ended quite unexpectedly. The process lasted about one and a half hour, and eventually the judge Vitaly Liatsko granted Ulasievich’s appeal.
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2011 25/08
Віктар Сазонаў, Гародня

Viktar Sazonau, Harodnia

2 Viasna activists – Viktar Sazonau (Hrodna) and Alena Laptsionak (Minsk) – have been interrogated by investigators of the financial investigation department of the State Control Committee. Continue reading »

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2011 11/04

Sviatlana Rudkouskaja, Harodnia

Sviatlana Rudkouskaya, activist of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, has lost two jobs following her involvement in the 2010 presidential election campaign.

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2011 11/04

Andrzej Poczobut, Harodnia

Statement by the Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Minsk, 11.04.2011

On 28 March 2011, it was reported that Hronda Regional Prosecutor’s Office initiated criminal proceedings against Andrzej Poczobut, reporter of the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza weekly and leader of the opposition Union of Poles. The journalist faces charges under Par. 1 Art. 368 of the Criminal Code (“insult of the President of the Republic of Belarus”) for eight publications in Gazeta Wyborcza, one article on www.belaruspartizan.org and a post in his personal blog www.poczobut.livejournal.com.
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2010 20/09
Уладзімер Хільмановіч

U. Khilmanovich

Uladzimir Khilmanovich and Ales Astrouski demanded the authorities to grant a constitutional right to their children to study in Belarusian.
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2010 03/09
Пікет супраць дыскрымінацыі, Гародня

On 2 September, Professor Aliaksandr Astrouski, his wife Aksana and their children came to Lenin Square in Hrodna and unfurled banners with slogans in front of the windows of the city executive committee. Continue reading »

2010 05/03
Залаты Леў, сьцяг г.Слонім

"Zalaty Leu", flag of t.Slonim

The Supreme Court upheld the decision of the Hrodna oblast court concerning the non-registration of the Slonim NGO Zalaty Leu. On 4 March the Civil Cases College Board of the Supreme Court, presided by Judge Valer Samaliu, considered the complaint lodged by the Zalaty Leu founders and found the verdict of the Hrodna oblast court well-grounded and the registration denial – legal. Continue reading »

2009 17/11

The main justice department of Hrodna oblast executive committee denied the state registration to the Cultural-educational association ‘Golden Lion’ from Slonim.

The registering organ quoted as the reason for the non-registration the incompatibility of certain provisions of the organization charter with the law, including the norms concerning the order of amending the charter and appealing against the decision of the association’s organs. The officials of the justice board also state that as far as the phrase ‘Golden Lion’ is not explained in the charter, the association name contradicts to this document. Continue reading »

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2008 11/12

… правы чалавека!?Celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration in Belarus was marked with mass (and in some cases, quite rude) detentions of human rights defenders and civil activists. Continue reading »

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2008 12/10

Valancin Stefanovič (Miensk)Lawyer and human rights defender Valiantsin Stefanovic comments on a number of suits filed by Hrodna KGB asking to recognize that the seized printed editions are of extremist nature:

“We observe unprecedented processes when the regional Committee for State Security (KGB) appeals to court under the Code of Civic Procedures, asking to recognize the legal fact that some printed editions are extremist. Among the editions on their list there is the Chronicle Review of Human Rights Violations in Belarus”, published by Viasna in 2004. According to the plaintiffs, it contains pictures from the rallies of anti-Belarusian nature: the Freedom Day, the Chernobyl March, Ancestors’ day, and others. The KGB also thinks the Review contains calls to overthrow the regime in an unconstitutional way. Continue reading »

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