2016 22/01

The United Nations on their site presented a convenient for any audience and a very illustrative descriptive material (booklet) on the High Commissioner for Human Rights, which, including the visual form, provides information on all the treaty bodies in the field of human rights and United Nations Human Rights Committee as well.
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2014 31/10

According to the website eurobelarus.info, head of the Center for Legal Transformation Lawtrend Alena Tankachovais going to appeal the decision on the cancellation of the residence permit and focus on the question of possible removal. Continue reading »

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2014 22/08

Report prepared by the <a href=”http://www.equalrightstrust.org/”>The Equal Rights Trust (ERT)</a> and the Belarusian Helsinki Committee has been detained at the border and is awaiting an examination by the Department of Smuggling. Meanwhile, human rights activists have received a letter from the Office of the President saying that the information contained in the report has been “taken into consideration”.

A joint report by the British and Belarusian human rights activists entitled “Half an Hour ahead of Spring: A Report on Discrimination and Inequality in Belarus” was printed in the UK and mailed in Belarus, but was detained by customs officials at the Minsk-2 airport. Continue reading »

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2014 11/08

The survey covers the period of April 1 — June 30, 2014. Its aim is to reveal short-term tendencies in the sphere of Human rights, social, political and economic situation in Belarus. Continue reading »

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2014 07/02

8 On February 6, an analytic report on media situation in Belarus was presented at the office of the Belarusian Association of Journalists.
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2013 29/12

Homel Center for Strategic Lawsuit prepared a compilation of decisions of the UN Human Rights Council, adopted on the appeals of Homel region inhabitants. The most frequently violated right mentioned here is the right to freedom of expression (10 decisions), right of association (3), right to be elected at free elections (3), freedom from discrimination (2) and the right to peaceful assembly (1). Continue reading »

2013 21/12

Here we publish a compilation of graduates’ materials from the project “Lawyers’ Distance Learning of Human Rights”. Continue reading »

2013 17/12

In this issue you can read the latest decision of the UN Committee on Human Rights, adopted on the appeals of social and political activists from Homel, concerning two similar cases from Aliaksandr Protska and Andrei Tolchyn. Continue reading »

2013 28/08

On Zhodino media site www.licviny.info in section “Legal protection: law and justice” and “Publications” there appeared a full version of the ballot PRAŬNY FARPOST №8. Continue reading »

2013 17/08

Alaksiej Łapicki, Žodzina

That is the latest example – the UN Human Rights Committee has registered a complaint of Vital Lapasau, activist from Hrodna. At first glance it is an ordinary complaint. Several dozens complaints of Belarusians have been registered and considered by the UN HRC recently. However, it should be noted that this is the first complaint of the kind from Hrodna region which was filed with the methodological support of Homel human rights defenders. Continue reading »

2012 02/02

This publication is designed on the example of analysis of situations connected with criminal and administrative prosecution of persons who participated in the unsanctioned picketing on December 19, 2010 in Minsk, Belarus.
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2011 01/09

Not being able to obtain justice in Belarusian courts, Vitebsk residents are forced to seek help from international organizations. Thus, it became known that the UN Human Rights Committee accepted the complaint of one of the oldest members of the BNF Conservative Christian Party, its Vitebsk branch, – Yan Dzerzhavets. Continue reading »

2010 24/06
Міжнароднае права правоў чалавеку ...

International low of Human Rights ...

A new periodical devoted to human rights appeared in Belarus. This is a theoretical and practical and informational journal. It is considered that this journal would be interesting for many of those who work with this issue and take interest in international law of human rights, issues of implementation of corresponding international standards of law into national legislation and judicial practice. Continue reading »

2010 20/05

Here is the full text of the press-release.

Universal Periodic Review of Belarus : Positive commitments but no concrete steps
Minsk – Geneva, 20 May 2010 – On the occasion of the Universal Periodic Review of Belarus, the issues of death penalty, freedom of speech, freedom of association and assembly as well as the prohibition of torture and the independence of the judiciary went under review during the interactive dialogue held at the Human Rights Council.
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2008 30/12

Маніторныг НДА БеларусіHere’s a monitoring report issued by the Belarusian Assembly of Pro-Democratic NGOs. The review covers the events in the Belarusian civil society following the release of the critical resolution by the European Parliament in September 2008. We encourage you to freely distribute this information. Continue reading »

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