2011 24/09

Belarusian existing system of registration of public associations and political parties is very complicated and provides official ample opportunities to restrict constitutional right to freedom of association.
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2011 22/09
Dimitris N. Iliopoulos

Dimitris N. Iliopoulos, EU Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council

On 20 September, the International Federation of Human Rights and the Human Rights House Foundation held a side-event on the criminal prosecution of Viasna leader Ales Bialiatski.
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2011 22/09
Валер Місьнік, Віцебск

Valer Misnikau, Vitsebsk

The UN Human Rights Committee has registered the complaint submitted by Vitsebsk resident Valer Misnikau against alleged violations of his civil rights by the Belarusian authorities.
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2011 17/09

Zhodzina town

Zhodzina human right defenders try to reinstate constitutional right to peaceful assembly of citizen’s freedom of expression and information in court. Continue reading »

2011 13/09

Tatsiana Kasynkina, the investigator, who is in charge of Ales Bialiatsky’s case, improved the system of mass formal replies. According to the words of several activists from Vitebsk to the publication “For Human Rights” the “Refusal to satisfy petition” now looks different way. This decree is sent to everyone who requested the release of Ales Bialiatsky under his personal guarantee. Continue reading »

2011 09/09
Алена Залеская, Віцебск

At the 101st session of the United Nations Human Rights Committee adopted a resolution regarding the appeal of Alena Zaleskaya to the committee. In this appeal Alena, the citizen of Belarus, claimed that the Belarusian authorities violated her rights under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights signed by Belarus.
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2011 01/09
Алесь Бяляцкі, Менск

The arrested head of the Human Rights Centre “Viasna” Ales Bialiatsky tries to use time, which he is forced to spend behind the bars, more productive. Human rights activist reads a lot, studies English language, makes exercise and writes memoirs about the association of young writers “Tuteyshiya”, since he was one of its founders. Continue reading »

2011 01/09

Not being able to obtain justice in Belarusian courts, Vitebsk residents are forced to seek help from international organizations. Thus, it became known that the UN Human Rights Committee accepted the complaint of one of the oldest members of the BNF Conservative Christian Party, its Vitebsk branch, – Yan Dzerzhavets. Continue reading »

2011 30/08
Ігар Случак, Гомель

On August 29 in Homiel Soviet district court an administrative hearing of the report issued by miltia officers against activist Igor Sluchak took place. Continue reading »

2011 26/08
Жодзінскі ГАЎС з адзьдзяленьнем ІЧУ

Zhodzina police department

Discussions on this topic and a brief comparative analysis of two very vivid trials in Zhodzina are presented here grounding on two trials in which one and the same citizen, a human rights defender, had to participate as a defendant (30.06.2011) and as an applicant (8.22 .2011). Thus, during 1 month Aliaksiey Lapitsky had to talk to the police twice: about the incidents of 29.06.2011 which happened in the town’s square, and the incident of 29.7.2011 happened near the living house. Continue reading »

2011 25/08
Аляксей Лапіцкі, Жодзіна

Aliaksiey Lapitski, Zhodzina

On 22.08.2011 from 9-00 to 9-50 in Zhodzina Town Court the administrative trial took place on the criminal assault of M. Yakautsou who lived in Skaryna str, house 3 on Zhodzina human rights activist Aliaksiey Lapitski. The man attaked Aliaksiey bout 20-00 near the 4th entrance of a multistory building, inflicting bodily harm with a knife – a wound on the right hand. The trial was chaired by Judge M. Samoyla. Continue reading »

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2011 22/08
Ля Цэнтральнага ўнівэрсаму, Жодзіна

Near the central supermarket, Zhodzina

22.08.2011 In Zhodzina protest actions in support of Ales Bialiatsky were held. Human rights activists distributed information materials, leaflets, pasted posters “Freedom for Ales Bialiatsky”. Continue reading »

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2011 20/08

Executive Committee, Zhodzina

Picketing in Zhodzina was banned and any practical opportunity to adjust or coordinate positions in order to achieve a positive solution was shut out. The response to the request about violating Art. 6, Part 1of the Law “On Mass Events in the Republic of Belarus” came only 12 days after its filing. Continue reading »

2011 17/08
Мікіта Ліхавід, палітвязень

Nikita Likhavid

As it became known citizens’ picketing in support of political prisoner Nikita Likhavid were banned not only by Borisov district executive committee. Unmotivated refusals of picketing were also signed by vice-chairmen of Lahoysky district and Zhodzina town executive committies – G. Drahunau and Y. Shary.
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2011 15/08
Сьвятлана Лапіцкая, Жодзіна

Sviatlana Lapitskaya, Zhodzina

Zhodzina human rights activists, Aliaksiey Lapitsky and Sviatlana Lapitskaya, claimed a picket in defense of Ales Bialiatsky on 08/22/2011. According to the current legislation, they sent the request to the Executive Committee on 08/07/2011, 15 days before the scheduled date of the event. The picket was supposed to inform Zhodzina citizens about the arrest of the well-known human rights activist Ales Bialiatsky which happened in Minsk. Continue reading »

2011 10/08
Анатоль Паплаўны, Гомель

Anatol Paplauny, Homel

In connection with cancellation of a judicial decision according to which Anatol Paplauny was forced to serve 15 days of administrative arrest last month, Homel human rights defenders are going to prove the fact of imposition of knowingly lawless sentence. Continue reading »

2011 30/07
Аляксандар Вайцешык, Баранавічы

Aliaksandar Vaitseshyk, Baranavichy

On 27 July, Baranavichy civil activist Aliaksandar Vaitseshyk lodged a complaint with the town’s police chief against an incident that reportedly took place in the activist’s flat on the same day.
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2011 29/07
А.Савіных, МЗС Беларусі

А.Savinykh, Belarusian MFA

The UN Human Rights Committee’s statement on Belarus’ violations of its international obligations by executing two death sentences is “injurious”, Belarusian MFA spokesperson Andrei Savinykh said on 28 July.

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2011 26/07
Валянцін Стэфановіч, Менск

Valiantsin Stefanovich, Мiеnsk

“Under the UN procedures, Belarus should not have executed the death verdicts. However, our country, as I see it, once again ignores its obligations undertaken under the UN instruments”, said human rights defender Valiantsin Stefanovich in an interview to www.zautra.by, following reports of two death convicts being executed in Minsk last week. Continue reading »

2011 09/06
Павал Сапелка, Менск

Paval Sapielka, Мiеnsk

Paval Sapielka sent to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus an application on the Order of the Ministry of Justice about the extraordinary official evaluation of lawyers. He points out that this document violates both international law and national legislation. (further – orthography of the primary source)
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2011 03/06
Андрэй Ялісееў

Andrej Yalisiejau

This publication is a continuation of the review of complaints of citizens of Belarus in the sphere of extradition, which were considered by the European Court on the merits.
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2011 21/04

On 19 April Uladzimir Laptsevich, a journalist with the BelaPAN information agency, lodged a claim with the Chair of the main justice department of the Mahiliou Region Executive Committee, Aliaksandr Maimusau. He appeals actions of a judge of the Leninski District Court of Mahiliou Lanchava and an answer of the Chair of the court, Kuzhaleva, to him. Continue reading »

2011 12/04
Віктар Гумінскі (Фота: telegraf.by)

Віктар Гумінскі (Фота: telegraf.by)

“We need to evaluate actions of pseudo-patriots”, said Viktar Huminski, Deputy Chair of the House of Representatives. According to him, the Belarusian society “should do soul-searching” after yesterday’s explosion at a Minsk metro station Kastrychnitskaya.
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2011 25/03
Міліцыя, Жодзіна

Міlitia, Zhodzina

It has to be made under the commands of the authorities in certain terms as an additional obligatory assignment and to be distributed among different investigators (!?) Thus, the administration of Zhodzina TDIA ordered investigator Tsiulmankou to get fingerprints of human right defender A. Lapitsky till 01.04.2011(!?).
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2011 21/03
Прымусовая дактыляскапія

forced mass dactylography

Defence of people’s Constitutional rights became very important in Belarus before the election campaign of 2010 and now, after the events of 19.12.2010 and after introduction of amended Law of Republic of Belarus “About state dactyloscopic registration”. Citizens faced general pressure of purposeful and persistent actions of militia – forced dactylography. Continue reading »

2011 18/03
Рада па правах чалавеку ААН

UN Human Rights Council

On 14 March, the 16th session of the UN Human Rights Council adopted a joint statement on the situation in Belarus, which was signed by 45 countries, including all the EU members. The statement calls the Belarusian authorities and President Aliaksandr Lukashenka in particular to promptly and unconditionally release and rehabilitate all the persons arrested on political grounds after the 19 December 2010 election.
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2011 07/03


The report was examined concerning violation of freedom of expression, right to fair and independent court, freedom from discrimination and right to be elected and participate in state affairs (Articles 14, p. 1; 19; 25; 26 of the Covenant) Continue reading »

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2011 25/02
Віктар Карняенка, Гомель

Viktar Karniajenka, Homiel

We suggest you to familiarize yourself with judgments of UNO Committee on Human Rights about “Karniayenka vs. Belarus” case (“Public Initiatives”, Homiel, 2004-2006). It is worthwhile noting that the judgments of UNO CHR experts of 2006 we suggest to read about the state’s violations of the right to freedom of peaceful assemblies at the events of liquidation of NGO “Public Initiatives” in Homiel – didn’t get any feedback from Belarusian authorities.

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2011 23/02

The 19 December presidential election in Belarus was marked by a lack of independence and impartiality of the election administration, an uneven playing field and a restrictive media environment, as well as a lack of transparency at key stages of the electoral process, concludes ODIHR’s final report published on 22 February.
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2011 19/02

One of the important moments when lodging individual reports is to make sure that the documents reached addressee and didn’t get lost somewhere on the way… Continue reading »

2011 18/02

On 17 February 2011, Minsk Frunzenski Court chaired by Judge Ms. Volha Komar with participation of prosecuting official Anton Zaharouski considered the case of Vasil Pafiankou, accused of committing a crime under Par. 2 Art. 293 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus – “mass riot”.
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2011 16/02

On 16 February reports began to appear that the Qualification Commission of the Ministry of Justice had initiated the revoking the licenses of a number of Belarusian lawyers – Iryna Khalip’s former counsels Uladzimir Toustsik and Tamara Harayeva, Ales Mikhalevich’s counsel Aleh Aheyeu, as well as the latter’s mother lawyer Ms. Tatsiana Aheyeva.
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2011 02/02


Our reference: CEDAW – the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. Adopted by the UN on Dec. 18, 1979, entered into force Sept. 3, 1981. As of December 2010 the Convention entered into force for 186 countries. It was referring to the convention, in 2000 the UN General Assembly has designated 25 November International Day for the Eradication of Violence against Women.
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2011 25/01

International Observation Mission prepared analytical note about the situation with rights of journalists in the frame of events which happened in Republic of Belarus after December 19.

This review is based on the information from open public sources, independent mass media, interviews with journalists and reports of Belarusian Association of Journalists.
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2010 27/12
Аляксей Лапіцкі, Жодзіна

Aliaksiey Lapicki, Zhodzina

On 28.12.2010 in Zhodzina human right defenders from HRC “Viasna” Aliaksiey and Sviatlana Lapitskies had to appeal to the head of Minsk Regional Executive Committee Department of Internal Affairs major-general Ivan Sauchyts.
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2010 03/12
Андрэй Елісееў

Andrej Jelisiejeu

More that a half of cases from Belarusian citizens examined by European Court of Human Rights is about extradition. This article is a review of such kind of claims which were not examined by European Court.

The Court was adopting either decision that the claims were inadmissible because of insufficiency, or was stroking them off the roll because of different reasons: applicant’s death, absence of intention to continue the action or the applicant’s withdrawal of the action. Continue reading »

2010 23/11
Гары Паганяйла, Менск

Hary PAhaniajla, Miensk

The well-known Belarusian lawyer Hary Pahaniayla filed an application to the Supreme Court of Belarus demanding to relieve President Aliaksandr Lukashenka of his post and also to annul his registration as a presidential candidate. These demands are based on ideas that A.Lukashenka, as has been reported since 2001 by independent Belarusian mass media and since 2010 – Russian mass media, suffers from mental illness. Moreover, he probably has to do with several crimes including kidnapping his political opponents. (further – orthography of primary source) Continue reading »

2010 19/11
Алесь Бяляцкі, Менск

Ales Bialacki, Miensk

Lately, Belarusian civil society has been trying to combine efforts to consolidate the society, to democratize people’s lives and to improve the situation with human rights.

On November 14 National conference based on the results of civil society index researches. On November 15 European Commissioner Stefan Fuhle met representatives of democratic organizations and called civil society for a closer cooperation. (further – orthography of primary source)
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2010 17/11
Адзьдзел адукацыі, Жодзіна

Zhodzina TED

But, perhaps, it came that on the eve of Belarusian Prosecutor General Ryhor Vasilievich’s visit to Zhodzina executive committee, town’s authorities decided to play safe again and to practice “humanly” interaction with people…

Indeed, “new situation” in a great way resembles already known (from 2009) “old case” when the Commission on Juvenile Affairs of Zhodzina executive committee delivered favorable decision about recovery of education in Belarusian language for Yan Lapitsky in Gymnasium #1, but this “recovery” lasted 4 days and was stopped by one “mysterious” phone call from Minsk (!?)… Continue reading »

2010 29/10
Андрэй Зубра, Жодзіна

Andrey Zubra, Zhodzina

Because of incomplete and unproved charges filed, Zhodzina court returned administrative materials back to Main Department of Internal Affairs (GUVD).

On 29.10.2010 from 10-00 till 10-45 in Zhodzina court the second court session on the administrative case of Andrey Zubra took place. Andrey was accused according to the art. 22.9 part 2 of Administrative Violations Code of Republic of Belarus of illegal distribution of independent press in Zhodzina. He was supposed to be fined from 20 to 50 basic amounts (700000-1750000 BYR).
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2010 28/10
Андрэй Зубра, Жодзіна

Аndrey Zubra, Zhodzina

On 27.10.2010 at 11 a.m. unexpectedly without any notice militia came to the place of work of Andrey Zubra – engineering department of Production Enterprise “BelAZ” in Zhodzina. Zhodzina GUVD officer – captain Zayats had interrogation protocol of the activist who was previously arrested on 27.09.2010 with 216 exemplars of independent publication “Tut I Tsiapier”. The officer ordered Andrey to stop his work and head to the court immediately.
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2010 28/10
Зала паседжаньняў

Trial room

On 27.10.2010 Zhodzina town’s court started trial over Andrey Zubra who is charged with illegal distribution of independence press in Zhodzina and is facing to be administratively fined from 20 to 50 base amounts (700000-1750000 BYR).
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2010 23/10
Aндрэй Елісееў

Andrey Eliseev

As contrasted with other European nations Belarusian citizens can’t complain about their government to European Human Rights Court – Belarus isn’t member of Council of Europe and didn’t sign European Convention on Human Rights. But Belarusians can seek for justice in Strasburg court if their rights are violated by state agencies of any of 47 countries of European Council.

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2010 13/09

Today in Homiel Central district Court a session of “Maladaya Belarus” representative Ivan Zaitsev took place. He was arrested by militia on Saturday night of September 11 during Town Day celebration. Continue reading »

2010 10/09

On September 10 in Minsk the representatives of Belarusian public community presented monitoring of how the situation in Belarus developed from November, 2008 till September, 2010. (further – orthography of primary sources) Continue reading »

2010 08/09

Barys Buhiel, Mahileu

Mahiliou human right center lodged an appeal for decision of regional economic court.
According to this decision non-governmental organization must pay to community services of Mahiliou Lenin district 13 millions 658 thousands rubles rent debt. (further – orthography of primary source) Continue reading »

2010 29/08


Valia Layeuskaya reports in her article “Homiel “For Belarus without Lukashenka” (Radio Racyja) about a successful out-of-court defense of the right to freedom of expression. Continue reading »

2010 25/08
Uladzimer Vialichkin, Bierascie

Uladzimer Vialichkin

Uladzimir Vialichkin and Uladzimir Malei, co-founders of the Brest Viasna human rights association, have addressed the city’s justice department with a statement, demanding to reverse the 20 August court verdict, denying state registration to the HR group.
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2010 24/08
Akrescina, Miensk

Akrescina, Miensk

The issue of receiving food parcels by civil convicts is beyond the mainstream of public consciousness, says human rights activist Siarhei Ustsinau, quoting Stanislau Daniliuk, judge of the Constitutional Court of Belarus.
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2010 06/08


Leaders of Belarusian opposition have addressed the UN Security Council with a request to conduct an international investigation of abductions of well-known Belarusians.

On Wednesday the appeal was sent to Foreign Ministers of the permanent members of the UN Security Council – China, Russia, the Great Britain, France and the US. The full text of the address follows.
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2010 04/08
Leanid Sudalenka, Homel

Leanid Sudalienka, Homel

Freedom of expression is a basis of political rights fixed in article 19 of Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. This inherent right includes the right to keep to an opinion, search for, get and distribute different information and ideas despite state borders – orally, in writing, printed or via artistic ways of expression or any other ways chosen by a person. Continue reading »

2010 02/08
Мікалай Кулеш, Менск

Мikalai Кulesh, Меnsk

Higher educational officials act as if nothing happened after they have violated Zhodzina Belarusian-speaking teenager’s right to education. It’s been almost a year since Yanka Lapitsky forcedly hasn’t been getting education in the only gymnasium in the region – Gymnasium #1.

But everything looks good on paper. In the official reply of the head of Minsk Education department Mr. Kulesh to the head of TBM (Belarusian Language Association) n.a F.Skaryna Aleh Trusau, Mr. Kulesh even tries to convince Mr. Trusau that Zhodzina problem doesn’t exist. Continue reading »

2010 21/07

Article 40 of the Belarusian Constitution vests every Belarusian citizen with a right to appeal to public bodies which are obliged to consider the appeal and give an answer on the merits. The Constitutional Court is no exception; its primary duty is to uphold the constitutional guarantees of everyone. Continue reading »

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2010 20/07

The municipality of the Italian city of Genoa granted the status of honorary citizen to Ales Bialiatski, Chairperson of the Human Rights Center Viasna. The Italian society expressed thereby its concern with the situation of human rights in Belarus, particularly the use of the death penalty, restriction of the freedom of the media and civil and political rights. Continue reading »

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2010 20/07

More than a year Vitsiebsk human right activist Valery Misnikau and public activist Siarhey Kavalenka have been trying to force the winery “Dionis” (JLLC WP “Dionis”) to stop producing and realizing alcoholic beverage under the trade mark “BULBASH” on the territory of Belarus. Valery considers that the name of the liquor is a disrespectful and offensive nickname which humiliates national honor, Belarusian culture and also carries a hint of inferiority. Continue reading »

2010 19/07

On 13 July, the Chyhunachny District Procuracy of Vitsebsk started a check-up of the materials concerning a Vitsebsk activist Siarhei Beliazeka that were received from the Presidential Administration.

Mr. Beliazeka is suspected of violating Article 368 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus, ‘insult of president’, that envisages up to two years of imprisonment. Continue reading »

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2010 17/07

At a meeting of Belarusian human rights defenders there arose a discussion concerning the appropriateness of submitting individual complaints to the UN Human Rights Committee, taking shape in two main approaches – pessimistic and optimistic. Without denying the usefulness of the protection instrument in general, the pessimists argued that the Committee’s ability is extremely limited, the cases are long, besides the government of Belarus considers the decisions not binding. Accordingly, there is no need to resort extensively to the filing of complaints to the UN Human Rights Committee and to use this mechanism only in exceptional cases. Continue reading »

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2010 15/07

The Belarusian authorities must bring the defamation articles of the Penal Code in line with the international standards of press freedom and freedom of expression. The appeal by human rights defenders was made today at the roundtable “The situation in the media space of Belarus on the eve of the presidential campaign: Realities and Prospects”. Continue reading »

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2010 15/07

On 12 July, human rights defender Siarei Ustsinau lodged with the Leninski District Court of Minsk a claim against the Presidential Administration in connection with the enforcement of Decree #60. According to the activist, some provisions of this decree violate the right to privacy. Continue reading »

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2010 07/07
Зьміцер Завадзкі

Dzmitry Zavadski

10 years ago, on 7 July 2000, the Belarusian TV cameraman Dzmitry Zavadski went missing. In the morning he drove to the National airport Minsk to meet his colleague, journalist Pavel Sharamet, and has never been seen ever since. His car was found in the airport. Continue reading »

2010 07/07
Ales Bialacki, Miensk

Ales Bialacki, Miensk

Today it has been already 10 years since Dmitry Zavadsky, “ORT” cameraman, disappeared. Human right defender Ales BIALIATSKY in his interview to Euramost.org tells that this case “doesn’t have period of limitation and that international society will investigate the problem until the truth is found”. Continue reading »

2010 02/07
Жан-Эрык Хольцапфэль

Jean-Eric Holzapfel

The main priority in work of representative of European Union is “to see Belarus as a full member of European policy of neighborliness and Eastern partnership”, – announced the head of the representative Jean-Eric Holzapfel in the interview to the First Channel of Belarusian television. (further – orthography of the primary source) Continue reading »

2010 01/07
Міжнародная арганізацыя

In 2009 rating Belarus got 6,50 points which is 0,07 points less than in 2008. The organization assigns evaluation from 1 to 7 points (from the best to the worst) according to the following criteria: electoral rights, development of public society, freedom of mass media, democracy of central authorities, court independence and corruption. Continue reading »

2010 15/06
Анатоль Паплаўны, Гомель

Anatol Paplauny, Homel

Anatol Paplauny, a Homel human rights defender who had received administrative punishment for participation in the Chain of Concerned People, an action dedicated to commemoration of the missing public and political activists and support to their families and political prisoners, passed an individual communication to the UN Human Rights Committee in connection with violation by Belarus of his rights to fair trial and freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.
Continue reading »

2010 15/06
Alaksiej Lapicki

Alaksiej Lapicki

Human rights activists from Zhodzina submitted a supervisory complaint to the Chairman of Minsk regional court Valery Kraiko pointing out rude procedural violations, negligence of the Constitution and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) in the case about violation of the right to freedom of peaceful assembly in Zhodzina.
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2010 14/06
Зьміцер Салаўёў, Наваполацак

Zmicier Salaujou, Navapolatsak

Human rights defender Zmitser Salauyou received an answer to his complaint to the Navapolatsk Town Procuracy, signed by prosecutor A.Ausiuk. Mr. Salauyou states that the facts that are set forth in this letter are a provocation.
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2010 09/06
Leanid Sudalenka, Homel

Leanid Sudalenka, Homel

The Homel human rights defender received an answer from the Constitutional Court to the application that had been submitted by him and Anatol Paplauny. In this document, the applicants asked the court to adopt a ruling aimed at the direct implementation by courts of the universally accepted principles and norms of international legislations and the international treaties ratified by the Republic of Belarus.
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2010 07/06

The amendments to the Belarusian election code provide a mixed response to the recommendations made by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) and the Council of Europe’s Venice Commission.

This is said in a joint legal opinion of the two organizations released on June 4, Regnum news agency reports. Continue reading »

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2010 21/05

How to protect your rights…

Don’t speak to intruders without a lawyer!
Lately members of public movement “Havary Praudu” suffered from mass arrests, searches in flats and offices, confiscation of office equipment and property. Militia’s actions mostly were lawless. How to behave in such conditions, how to protect yourself? What must one know about the main procedures of searches and other investigator’s actions? Continue reading »

2010 20/05

It’s almost impossible to register a new general interest media today. Representatives of regional newspapers which were refused state registration managed to gain a hearing with the First Deputy Minister of Information Lilia Ananich. But the meeting didn’t any positive result to journalist. The lawyer of Belarusian Association of Journalists, doctor of legal sciences Mikhal Pastukhou comments the situation. Continue reading »

2010 20/05

Here is the full text of the press-release.

Universal Periodic Review of Belarus : Positive commitments but no concrete steps
Minsk – Geneva, 20 May 2010 – On the occasion of the Universal Periodic Review of Belarus, the issues of death penalty, freedom of speech, freedom of association and assembly as well as the prohibition of torture and the independence of the judiciary went under review during the interactive dialogue held at the Human Rights Council.
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2010 20/05
Міхал Пастухоў, Менск

Mikhail Pastuhov, Мiеnsk

It is almost impossible to register a new independent social and political periodical given the current political climate in Belarus. As recently as yesterday, the representatives of regional newspapers, which had been refused to be registered, successfully received permission to have an audience which included first deputy of Minister of Information, Lilija Ananich. However, the meeting did not produce a positive outcome for the journalists. The Belarusian journalists association’ lawyer, doctor of law, professor Mikhail Pastuhov comments the situation.
Continue reading »

2010 19/05

Zodzina local executive committee created a problem and wasn’t able to solve it by itself. At the same time authorities of Zhodzina TED didn’t react to Yanka Lapitsky’s parents’ ask to petition to higher educational establishments and power “vertical” for a fastest solving of Zhodzina problem. Continue reading »

2010 19/05
Jan Lapicki

Jan Lapicki

Having created a problem, the executive committee has been unable to solve it on its own. At the same time, the administration of Zhodzina town education department has not responded to the request of the parents of Yanka Lapitski who urged it to foster a rapid resolution of the Zhodzina problem in a positive way. Continue reading »

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2010 17/05
Алег Мацкевіч, Барысаў
Aleh Matskievich, Barysau

A number of Barysau human rights activists have lodged a complaint with the Barysau district executive committee, appealing against administrative restrictions imposed by the local authorities on street actions locations.

Continue reading »

2010 17/05
КС Белаурсі

Reflection of a human rights activist …

Being a human rights activist I must constantly follow the changes of the legislation in Belarus. Continue reading »

2010 13/05


Representatives of the Belarusian NGOs held a number of events on 12 May in Geneva that were connected with the report of the Belarusian authorities within the guidelines of the procedure of the Universal Periodical Review at the UN Human Rights Council.
Continue reading »

2010 13/05
Алесь Бяляцкі (Менск)

Ales Bialacki (Меnsk)

The chairman of Human Rights Centre “Viasna”, vice-president of International federation of human rights Ales Bialiatsky commented the discussion of the report of Belarusian government in the frame of the Universal periodic review procedure in the Human Rights Council of UNO. On May 12 in Geneva the human rights defender was present at the discussion together with representatives of Belarusian non-governmental organizations who prepared an alternative report about the fulfillment of the Republic of Belarus its international obligations in the field of human rights. Continue reading »

2010 12/05
Асамблея НДА Беларусі

NGO Assembly of Belarus

Today, April 12, in the Human Rights Council of UNO (Geneva) a discussion of the repressive article 193-1 took place. It was organized by the NGO Assembly of Belarus in cooperation with international Alliance CIVICUS and International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH).

Continue reading »

2010 30/04


The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe freezes high-level contacts with Belarus due to violation of democratic standards. Continue reading »

2010 27/04
Яўген Гарыд, Жодзінскі ГАА

Yauhen Haryd, Zhodzina ECED

They don’t react on claims of Yanka Lapitsky’s relatives to renew education in gymnasium in Belarusian language.

For this reason the relatives of Belarusian speaking school boy decided to ask for help in this Zhodina problem from the head of Union of Belarusian Language (UBL) n.a. F.Skaryna – Aleh Trusau. Continue reading »

2010 23/04
Аляксей Лапіцкі, Жодзіна

Alaksiej Lapicki, Zhodzina

On 20.04.2010 Aliaksiey Lapitsky received the decision of the Minsk regional court. On 18.03.2010 Cassational instance adjudicated the applicant from Zhodzina in his application in which the decision of court was disputed. The court didn’t find any violations of rights in actions of authorities of local executive committee who prohibited peaceful manifestation devoted to Human Rights day – 10.12.2009.
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2010 09/04
Сьвятлана Лапіцкая

Sviatlana Lapickaja

In the beginning if the fourth term parents of Yanka Lapitsky addressed principal of Gymnasium #1 Gennadz Karshun and the local Town Educational Department and executive committee.

Once again they ask officials to solve the situation in which their son doesn’t have the opportunity to study in the framework of gymnasium program with English specialization in Belarusian language. They want their son to study in the educational establishment – the only gymnasium in Zhodzina district.
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2010 07/04


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus has passed to the UN Human Rights Committee the National Report on the situation of fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens within the guidelines of the Universal Periodical Review, a procedure that had been established by the UN Human Rights Council in 2006. This is the first time that such a large document is received from Belarus. The report will be heard at the session of the Human Rights Council in May.
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2010 06/04
Цяжкая ноша ... фальсыфікатараў

It is a well-known fact that results of elections in Belarus have been determined in advance by high-rank officials of Belarus for many years already. It is not a secret that preparation to election finished in our country before the beginning of the election campaign. However, during these elections this information was announced officially for the first time. Continue reading »

2010 30/03
Інструмэнт правасудзьдзя?

Instrument of justice ... ?!

On 29.03.2010 Minsk regional court dismissed the complain of the Lapitskies about judicial decision of Zhodzina court of 11.02.2010.

Judge Dalidovich wasn’t at all interested in argumentation of Cassation appeal… It seemed that she was personally worried by “incorrect Belarusian language” of the applicants… !??
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2010 25/03
Валянцін Стэфановіч, Менск

Valancin Stefanovich, Мiеnsk

During the court session on administrative cases according to the article 23.34 of Administrative Offences Code “Disturbance of public meetings” human rights defenders from HR centre “Viasna” used amendments which were made to the Administrative code in the end of 2009 and started working after their publishing. But few people know about them, even judges. As a result human rights defenders were booked a minimum penalty – 0,5 of basic amount (17,5 thousand BYR) Continue reading »

2010 25/03
Аб чым маўчыць Міністар, М.Радзькоў?

What does M.Radzkou keep eloquent silence about?

Ministry of Education of Belarus refuses to give information on the request of Zhodzina natives…

Minister of Education M.Radzkou again didn’t answer the appeal of parents of Yanka Lapitsky who is still deprived of the opportunity to study in Gymnasium #1 of Zhodzina (principle G.Karshun) in native language.
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2010 22/03
За кратамі ў "Дзень Волі", А.Камароўскі

In custodial sentence on the Freedom Day, А.Каmarouski (2009)

On the eve of Freedom Day on March 25 the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva received another comment in the communication exchange with the UN Human Rights Committee on the complaint by Aliaksandr Kamarouski (Zhodzina). Continue reading »

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2010 20/03
Менаблвыканкам, Менск

Мinsk Region Executive Committee

Cassation considering of the complaint of Yanka Lapitsky’s parents about judgment of Zhodzina town court under date of 11.02.2010 (by) is set on 10-00, 29.03.2010.

This message came on 18.03.2010 after judge T.Trotsiuk refused to attach to the case report comments under 03.03.2010 (by). The applicants saw many inaccuracies in the protocol of juridical session.
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2010 16/03
Юля Дарашкевіч, Менск

Yulia Darashkevich, Мiеnsk

Yuliya Darashkevich, press photographer of “Nasha Niva”, is accused of beating a police officer and disobeying police. Yuliya faces a fine or administrative arrest. The hearings will take place on 24 – the day before the Freedom Day. Continue reading »

2010 13/03
Там, дзе перамагае ... права?

Zhodzina town court

Cassation complaint registered under 17.02.2010 was filed against the decision of Zhodzina court of 27.01.2010 about Zhodzina executive committee forbidding peaceful picketing on 10.12.2009 on the International Human Rights Day in Zhodzina. Hearing of the case in Minsk regional court was first scheduled on 11.03.2010. Applicant Aliaksiey Lapitsky took notice about it on 01.03.2010. Continue reading »

2010 11/03
Міклаш Харашці, АБСЭ

Miklash Harashtsi , OSCE

The document has already been sent to the Belarusian authorities. It lists both positive and negative aspects of the Ruling from the point of view of international experts in the field of freedom of expression. Continue reading »

2010 06/03
Казімір Фарына, Мінадукацыі Беларусі

Kazimir Farino, Education Міnistry of Belarus

On 05.03.2010 parents of Yan Lapitsky from Zhodzina addressed the Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus one more time. Previous appeal which was sent to the Minister Aleksandr Radzkou again hasn’t reached the recipient. In fact, even deputy minister Kazimir Farino didn’t manage to answer it. He only told said that he has redirected the appeal to the head of the Central administration of education of Minsk executive committee – Taisa Danilievich. Continue reading »

2010 04/03
дзіўная справа №2-10-2010

Case №2-10-2010 (12.02.2010 - before disappearing of document)

Information on the case about protecting the right for education of Belarusian-speaking pupil Yanka Lapitsky isn’t provided by the administration of gymnasium #1, but… But a sensational disappearance of an important process document from the court case is also information!

On 12.02.2010 after familiarization with materials of the case #2-200-2010 in the court, Aliaksiey lapitsky, who defends rights of his own son, a 14-year old Yan, to continue education in Zhodzina Gymnasium #1 in Belarusian language, visited administration of Town Education Department and tried to find the documents of TED which are connected with violations of his right for choosing type and language of education. Continue reading »

2010 03/03
Асамблея НДА Беларусі

Assembly of pro-Democratic NGOs

According to information of the press-service of the Assembly of pro-Democratic NGOs, the Ministry of Justice for the third time refused to register the Assembly of pro-Democratic NGOs. The reasons for the registration don’t differ from the reasons given during the previous registration attempt. Continue reading »

2010 02/03

In 2009 the situation in the sphere of freedom of association in Belarus failed to undergo significant changes, the main problems in the formation and activities of public associations remaining unaltered. The practice of denying registration to public associations and political parties on dubious grounds including the socio-political stand of the associations’ founders was continued. Continue reading »

2010 27/02
Суд горада Жодзіна

Zhodzina town court

On 26.02.2010 in Zhodzina court an extraordinary and unexpected event happened. Everything started as usual and nobody expected anything surprising. Aliaksiey Lapitsky came to court to familiarize himself with the protocol of the court session which took place on 10-11.02.2010 with Tatsiana Tratsiuk as a head judge.
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2010 24/02
Юры Шары, Жодзінскі выканкам

Yury Shary, Zhodzina executive committee

On 24.02.2010 between 09-00 and 10-00, Juvenile Commission of Zhodzina executive committee held a meeting, which was attended under the threat of administrative sanctions by the parents of the Belarusian-speaking schoolboy Yanka Lapitski, who due to a series of decisions by Zhodzina executive authorities lost the opportunity to continue his education in Zhodzina gymnasium № 1 in Belarusian. Continue reading »

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2010 23/02
Алесь Бяляцкі, ПЦ "Вясна"

Аles Bialacki, PC "Viasna"

Mass detentions and arrests of representatives of the unrecognized Union of Poles, a nervous attitude of the police to the work of journalists, trials and allegations of disorderly conduct against civil and political activists – all this has its specific reasons, which the authorities try to cover up with demagogic statements on rights and freedoms. These are the reasons named by the vice-president of the International Federation of Human Rights, Chairman of the Human Rights Center Viasna Ales Bialiatski in an interview with our correspondent.

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