2009 21/11
Уладзімер Арлоў

Uladzimer Arlou

The meeting of readers with a well-known Belarusian historian and writer which is planned for November 20 in Salihorsk is at risk.

Ideology workers of Salihorsk city executive committee decided that the evening with the writer will have political undertones, “Radio Racyja” informs.

The evening was planned in the “Builder” house of culture, and an agreement with the administration of the institution was reached a week before. The Belarusian Association of Journalists which is the organiser of the event even has paid the rent.

But on Wednesday evening they were denied the venue. The director of the “Builder” house of culture called the representative of the BAJ and informed that permission for holding the event should be received from the ideology department of Salihorsk executive committee.

During the personal meeting a BAJ representative failed to persuade the chief ideologist of Salihorsk that prohibition of Arlou’s appearance is illegal. As said by the BAJ representative, Uladzimir Arlou was called “an antisovietist, a threat to the state and a Belarusian Popular Front member”.

However, organisers still plan to hold a meeting with the writer on November 20 despite of the ban of local authorities.
Source: www.charter97.org

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