2009 17/11

The main justice department of Hrodna oblast executive committee denied the state registration to the Cultural-educational association ‘Golden Lion’ from Slonim.

The registering organ quoted as the reason for the non-registration the incompatibility of certain provisions of the organization charter with the law, including the norms concerning the order of amending the charter and appealing against the decision of the association’s organs. The officials of the justice board also state that as far as the phrase ‘Golden Lion’ is not explained in the charter, the association name contradicts to this document.

‘The decision of the registering organ follows the worst traditions of limitation of the right to association in Belarus. There are no legal grounds for the registration denial at all. The pretensions to the organization charter are not grounded on the law and ensue from an arbitrary explanation of legal norms by the officials.

In any case, the founders could have satisfied the pretensions of the registering organ by introducing the necessary corrections to the charter if they were given such opportunity (which, by the way, is provided by the law). What concerns the pretension to the organization name – it seems absurd,’ commented the lawyer Yury Chavusau.

The aims, stated in the registration documents of Golden Lion include the increase of the cultural and educational civil activities of residents of Slonim district for solving the socially important problems of the region, uniting the people standing for spiritual, national and cultural revival of the Belarusian society and increase of the cultural and educational role of youth in the process of the civil society development.

The founders of the cultural-educational association Golden Lion used to be members of another NGO – Slonim youth association Vetraz, liquidated by court several years ago. Representatives of the NGO intend to appeal against the registration denial at court.
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