2009 17/11

Ales` Bialacki, Miensk

Ales` Bialacki, Miensk

Vice President of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the head of “Viasna” human rights centre Ales Bialiatski has commented to charter97.org website on the decision of the EU to extend and “Freeze” sanctions against Belarusian officials.

“Demands of the EU to the Belarusian authorities are absolutely justified, but it is obvious that the time has come for Minsk to take some more unambiguous steps as an answer to these demands. So far in their talks with the European Union the Belarusian reminds a girl who is making curtseys, bowing, but does no real actions.

Pinpoint concessions we see from Lukashenka’s regime today cannot be called real actions. I mean registration of “For Freedom” movement and authorization of distribution for 2 independent newspapers. These steps do not show the actual tendency. Changes in the electoral legislation are to become an important touchstone now. The situation cannot be hanged up endlessly, and the EU shouldn’t do so. If it turns out that all the actions of Belarusian authorities had decorative and declarative nature, one cannot speak about serious changes, holding fair elections in the country is out of the question. One of the reasons Belarus hasn’t been invited to become the Council of Europe’s member is rigged election results. The next half a year are to become very important. Steps both by the EU and the authorities should become more consistent and logical,” the human rights activist said.
Source: www.charter97.org

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