2009 14/11

Сяргей Гоўша, Баранавічы

Siarhei Housha

Finally the human rights defender from Baranavichy Siarhei Housha got an answer to his inquiries to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus about who must implement the decisions of the UN Human Rights Committee.

In particular, Siarhei Housha asked the MFA why the Belarusian state didn’t implement the Committee’s decision concerning the Human Rights Center Viasna and why the state still hasn’t restored his right to association. According to Mr. Housha, if this question is beyond the MFA competency, the officials were obliged to tell to who he must apply. 

On 16 October Mr. Housha received an answer from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, signed by the deputy minister Aleinik. He was informed that the protection of civil rights on the state level was in the competence of other state organs of the Republic of Belarus, whereas decision of the UN Human Rights Committee weren’t obligatory for implementation by the state organs of Belarus.

Then the human rights defender prepared another inquiry to the MFA, asking them to who he should apply for solving the issue. The MFA, in its turn, answered with another runaround: ‘In connection with your statement of 20 October 2009 we inform you that the question of implementation of the opinions of the UN Human Rights Committee on case #1296/2004 that was mentioned in your address, is in the competence of the court organs of the Republic of Belarus in the place of Your residence.’

The human rights defender Siarhei Housha was one of the founders of the Human Rights Center Viasna. The UN Human Rights Committee recommended the Republic of Belarus to renew the re-register the organization and pay a compensation for the unlawful liquidation. The Committee also required its member country to publish his opinions. None of these requirements have been implemented by the state organs of Belarus.
Source: www.spring96.org

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