2009 12/11

Генадзь Каршун, Жодзіна

Генадзь Каршун, Жодзіна

Despite the resumption of Belarusian-language education of Yanka Lapitski, the pressure on his parents in Zhodzina still continues. And, as it can easily be seen, with renewed vigor. Its new direct and active performer is the administration of Gymnasium #1, which apparently was not ready for such a speedy return of the Belarusian-speaking student to the educational institution.

For example, on Monday, 09/11/2009, after the force lost of a whole quarter of studies (due to the action-inaction of officials from Zhodzina and Minsk) by the son of Zhodzina human rights defenders, members of the HRC Viasna, Aliaksei and Sviatlana Lapitskis, Yanka returned to Gymnasium #1.

However, just like 4 years ago, another small victory by Belarusian-speaking citizens over the anti-Belarusian administrative violence of Zhodzina, provoked a nervous reaction of those who are not satisfied with this course of events.

And when in the autumn of 2005, shortly after the forced abolition of the discriminatory decision by Zhodzina executive committee to close down the only Belarusian-language gymnasium class one in the town, the unknown (not disclosed until now by the investigation) anti-Belarusian persons, driven by revenge and humiliation of the national dignity of citizens, committed a series of brutal attacks and fired at the windows of Aliaksei Lapitski’s study, in 2009 such “overreactions” were also not long in coming.

No sooner had Yanka reached the school, when at the door of his apartment appeared a policeman, who told his father that, according to the Principle of Gymnasium #1 Henadz Karshun, two months ago on 9 September 2009 he allegedly phoned the official and insulted Mr. Karshun… (!?).

Aliaksei Lapitski had to provide his explanation on this absurd charge. It immediately reminded of the concerning the return of Yanka to school in 2005. Amazing, very similar circumstances – the nervous, aimed at causing as many problems and worries as possible to the Belarusian-speaking citizens who over the last 4 months of unrest received at least some positive news and have a chance to rejoice over his son. So – no! Someone who steered the anti-Belarusian oriented group of bandits in 2005, this year already in the new environment (Yanka’s parents have moved and now live on the fifth floor) are using other tactics of persecution in this dirty war against the remnants of the Belarusian culture in the system of Zhodzina town education.

In these circumstances, surprisingly, it is becoming more and more apparent that there is a personal interest of headmaster Henadz Karshun in his indefatigable extrusion of the Belarusian language from the Gymnasium in the continuation of the discriminatory decision number 928 by Zhodzina executive committee on the forced Russian-language education of the Belarusian-speaking student.

So, having a real opportunity to continue Belarusian-language studies within the compromise agreement Yanka’s parents have reached, which is confirmed in the latest response from the Ministry of Education, the school officials still have not answered any of their official complaints since 31.08.2009. The headmaster demanded more and more new applications, including the parents’ direct addresses to the Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus. In the meantime, since 8 September 2009, the student was by his order permanently banned physical access to the school and thus deprived him of his right to education (!?).

Moreover, under the threat of deprivation of parental rights (!?), during school hours personally escorting the student home, forbidding teachers to help students even in the school library, a facility open to all, the school administration organized a campaign of harassment of the Lapitski family, as it used to daily and methodically against their will send teachers to their apartment (even when Yanka was at school), thus forcing parents to abandon their positions and the constitutional rights guaranteed to them, including Article 29 of the Constitution of Belarus.

And even when a positive response from the Ministry of Education was received and the parents submitted an additional application, based on the official position of the Ministry – the director once again failed to take the opportunity to promptly correct the discriminatory situation. Instead of a positive response and implementation of existing opportunities, the school officials continued putting pressure on the Belarusian-speaking family. The administration of Gymnasium #1 on behalf of Mrs. Lepiauka and the Headmaster himself, with apparently distorted information addressed the ideological department of the employer of Yanka’s mother, Sviatlana Lapitskaya, and summoned the parents to “proceedings” to the Commission on Juvenile Affairs at Zhodzina Executive Committee.

And now, and after the unexpected for the director positive decision of the Commission on Yanka’s issue, as well as the complaint submitted by the parents to the local prosecutor’s office on 20/09/2009, (against the unlawful action-inaction of officials), it seems that time has come for “a massive operation” against the Belarusian-speaking opponents of the local authorities by Zhodzina town police department and court officials.

It was a surprise for the parents when after this “very absurd news” they learned that Sviatlana Lapitskaya’s employer had received another official letter, which required to establish a commission so that the employees could consider the Lapitski family to exert pressure concerning their son’s studies in Belarusian (!?) …

Thus, the situation is yet far from being settled and is apparently aimed at ensuring that as long as possible a stressful situation on the brink of explosion is preserved and thus to continue to affect the Belarusian-speaking citizens and their son, forcing them to abandon their own constitutional rights, their beliefs, active citizenship and human rights position. And all this is very much like a custom-designed and coordinated “special” process aimed at the discriminatory effects against human rights defenders and their children, their family members.

The data field for “penal and repressive” actions is the educational and employment sphere. The main targets are children and women. Among the methods – direct discriminatory violence: frank and unpunished violations of the inalienable rights and liberties, slander, provocations and undermining the reputation of the regime’s opponents, economical and humanitarian blackmail (undermining the living bases and confident future for the children), as well as others tactfully administrative and judicial leverage, well-practiced methods for “dumping” money and total political persecution.

It seems that recollecting of the recent “problems” during the long-term observation in the 2008 election, carried out by the human rights defenders in Zhodzina region, the local officials (by orders from Minsk) are conducting a preventive operation to clean the specific civil and political fields by using absolutely illegal methods. The facts and figures revealed in these offenses, expose the personnel and nomenclature of the “punitive squadron”, guided by the regime against the inherent rights and freedoms of the citizens of Belarus, creating unfavourable conditions for civil society activists and human rights activists to normally function, undermining their comfort and decent life, their right to teach their children in their native language.

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