2009 05/11
Paval Sapielka, Miensk

Paval Sapielka, Miensk

The lawyer Pavel Sapelka joined the campaign Human Rights Defenders against Death Penalty and signed the petition to the Belarusian authorities with the demand to abolish the death penalty in the country.

The death penalty is murder. Manslaughter by a man remains a murder irrespective of the way it is referred to by the state and the society, be it the ‘death penalty’, ‘extreme penalty’ or ‘social justice’ – murder stays murder. A civilized state must admit that the death penalty is a vestige of the past.

I think that the state must take the responsibility for the results of breeding its own citizens. That’s why I join the campaign for the death penalty abolishment in Belarus,’ said Pavel Sapelka.

Source: www.spring96.org

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