2009 11/10

Sviatlana Lapickaja

Sviatlana Lapickaja

On 08/10/2009 Yanka Lapitski’s mother was summoned to the office of the ideology department of the company where she works for an hour-long conversation regarding her son’s studies at Gymnasium number 1, where she was blamed for the situation.

As it turned out, possessed by an inspiration against “asocial elements” and being eager to put the “wrong” Belarusian citizens “in place” the officials have made a new “move of the knight”, on the phone – from the office of Director of Studies (Deputy Principal) of Gymnasium number 1 Ludmila Hladkikh straight into the office of the chief ideologist of the Smalevichy enterprise … 

The mechanism of language and politically-motivated persecution, has been wound up by a discriminatory decision by Zhodzina executive committee, and thus began to look for new points of support and leverage for hard-headed social activists from Zhodzina.

The question of lack of responsibility of Yanka Lapitski’s parents, who allegedly (according to the abobe-mentioned representatives of the Gymnasium) has not attend his classes in 2009 (such deliberate misrepresentation was clearly purposefully transferred by the administration of Gymnasium number 1 for enhancing the psychological and administrative pressure on the parents ), was actually considered in the office of head ideology department of Smaliavichy poultry factory, where Sviatlana Lapitskaya was directly summoned from her workplace.

It should be emphasized that in the mentioned “brainwashing” regarding the fate of Belarusian-language education of Yanka Lapitski(!?), the political views and active human rights position of his parents were unequivocally considered(!?).

The management of the factory, as if incidentally, but very clearly (aloud) expressed “hypothesis-opinion” that the young person has been suffering from the (wrong) political positions and views of his parents, who in this way … are being influenced, through their son.

In such circumstances, even a blind man can understand, what “legitimate purpose” are behind the shameful situation for the country and another assault on the rights of the Belarusian law, in a Belarusian Gymnasium (up to 2004), in a Belarusian (until now) town of Zhodzina, in a Belarusian (so far) Republic of Belarus!

Ales Volny,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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