2008 13/11

КПЧ ААН, ЖэнэваAccording to odsgomel.org, a United Pro-dem Forces activist Marya Tulzhankova has sent a claim to the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Committee, with a view to protect her right to free dissemination of information.

Marya Tulzhankova is trying to impeach the decision by a number of Belarusian courts sentencing her to a 350,000-rouble fine for distributing leaflets on the eve of the 90th anniversary of the formation of the Belarusian People’s Republic in March, 2008. As a result she was detained and charged with violating the procedures of conducting mass actions.

Having passed through all the inner means of legal protection, including the Supreme Court, Marya is now appealing to the UN structure.

The lady says neither the police nor the courts attempted to discover the reasons why the limitation of her right to free dissemination of information could be one of the normalized legitimate objectives, under Article 19 of the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights.

‘Lacking any sensible excuses that would justify the position of the police and the court, I think that the institution of administrative penalty for distributing leaflets on a peaceful assembly is not essential for national security needs, securing public order, protecting public morality and health, and the rights and freedoms of other people’, says the activist in her claim to the UN.

We would remind you that the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights (Article 19) . Exercising this right implies specific duties and responsibilities, and therefore is subject to certain limitations to be determined by the law for ensuring respect towards the rights and reputation of others citizens, their health and morality, as well as national security and public order.


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