2009 16/10

Assembly of Belarusian NGOs

Assembly of Belarusian NGOs

As a result of the meeting held by the Working Group of the Assembly of Belarusian NGOs, 12 new associations became members of the Assembly. The organization now has 276 members.
The civil activists made a progress report on the campaign for the abolition of criminal prosecution for illegal membership in NGOs and political parties – ‘Stop 193-1!’ It was named as one of the priorities of the Belarusian civil society, together with the abolition of the death penalty. As a result, there were some statements on possible abolition of the Article. Still, despite the officials’ promises, the campaign will be continued, unless membership and activities on behalf of an unregistered organization cease being prosecuted, both under the Criminal and Civil Codes of Belarus.
The delegates also considered the concept of civil society development, worked out by the Assembly’s management. The programme is going to be considered for a few more months.
The Working Group also issued a statement on the public hearings on the construction of a nuclear power plant outside the town of Astravets, Hrodna region. The statement stresses that the hearings cannot be called ‘public’, since the authorities failed to maintain public access to the meeting. The issues covered were off-the-topic. Besides, no comments on the possible impact on the environment were made. The Group members condemned the 10-day arrest of a Russian expert, as well as interference in the arrivals of a number of representatives of ecological organizations.
Information provided by the Working Group of the Assembly of Belarusian NGOs,
Compiled by Ales Leta,
Belarusian Legal Portal,


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