2009 14/10

Uladzimir Katsora

Uladzimir Katsora

On 14 October the head of Homel branch of the For Freedom movement Uladzimir Katsora addressed Homel oblast prosecutor’s office with the demand to instigate a criminal case against the police officers who had drawn up on him deceitful reports following his detention on 16 September. Later Katsora and some other democratic activists of Homel were fined by court on the basis of these documents.

The politician submitted to the head of the Chyhunachny district court of Homel a written refusal to participate in the trial of the administrative case against him. He also received the writ to court for 13 October only on 14 October, by registered mail. 

In his refusal Mr. Katsora writes that the court is not trying to find the truth. ‘On the contrary, it dismisses the petitions about attaching the police video to the case materials and ignores the evident and doubtless photos and testimonies from our side that none of us had committed the violations that are ascribed to us.’

Source: www.sppring96.org

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