2009 18/10

Aliaksei Lapitski

Aliaksei Lapitski

In the context of numerous violations of rights and freedoms in today’s Belarus, steered by the regime through local authorities, law enforcement and judiciary bodies, one can arrive at a conclusion that ‘the decentralization of responsibility’ in suppressing dissenting views and civil activity has already become a smoothly running system.
It is no wonder, for with the presidential election near at hand, more and more official and ‘right’ appeals should be heard. However, ‘clamour’ by the regime’s opponents is well seen in mass media. The regime should have its ‘advocates of power’ among the so called actively prepared, venal and adapted ‘manageable part of the opposition.’ Those who can be bought are being bought today. Those who cannot – are marked as targets for well-planned and sanctioned ‘political cleansings’ – psychological and administrative pressure, intimidation and discriminative persecution.
THEREFORE, it is essential that the new means of political harassment and persecution, adopted and systematically used by the Belarusian regime, could be spotted in due time and voiced, receive adequate appraisal at the highest level.
Indeed, in the context of the EU-Belarus dialogue on the platform of necessary democratic changes in the country, repressive harassment against human rights and civil activists is gaining power, to suppress any unauthorized activity, take preventive measures to eliminate all obstacles to holding a ‘show by the leading actor’, accompanied by ‘back-vocals’ of a nomenclatural-prop choir across the country… The peculiarity and IMPORTANCE of the PERFORMANCE is in its ‘anti-recession’ and ‘pre-election-repressive’ content, as well as in an extremely intensified ‘SHOW-LIKE’ and ‘RHETORIC-PROP” decoration.
The phenomenon under consideration is the new type of person-oriented, consistent and deep ‘civil and political cleansings’…, with parallel ‘work’ with the existing social organizational structures.
Thus, behind a ‘smokescreen’ of multi-direction integration and declared liberalization… the regime keeps intensifying the practice of target harassment against social structures and basic human rights on a wide civil front… A new space for another ‘UNPRECEDENTED transparent’ ‘democratic election’ and ‘right clan-oligarchal grab-what-you-can privatization’ is being prepared – the totalitarian-nomenclatural trade in state property on behalf (or for the sake) of THE PEOPLE ITSELF.
The avant-garde part of the BELARUSIAN PEOPLE, represented by the civil society, will meanwhile be, as it is projected, ‘wash in its own blood’ under the ruins of ‘localized strikes…’
This is how, in the context of local LEGAL-VALUE opposition, is perceived what is actually behind the pompous ‘clamour from the tribunes’ and the ‘pink façade’ of the declared ‘liberalization in the country…
So, if you can take off the ‘rose-coloured spectacles of sincere expectations, you can suddenly see that the mechanism of repressions has actually never stopped working. It keeps functioning everywhere, either using the well-practiced schemes or utilizing newer ones, but according to a well-planned system of targets… And, in this ‘important state work’ a local official can finally play first fiddle with well-censored ‘score’. Even, despite the fact that instead a bow the hand holds a well-practiced ‘nomenclatural stick’ as ‘the last traditional argument’ for ‘an ungrateful spectator in the audience’, and with the sounds in the air – not only the ears turn red – the PERFORMANCE however GOES ON. And its ‘MAIN SUBJECT’, sometimes ‘harsh’ and sometimes ‘nervous’, SOUNDS… more and more OBSESSIVE… And it never loses its strength.
Isn’t it time to stop that torture?! Just rise to one’s feet and leave the ‘auditorium’! Stop being ‘extras’ in such a ‘cheap performance’! For the nomenclatural plagiarism will make neither… OGINSKI’S POLONAISE, nor RYBAK’S FAIRYTALE and one of the favourites of the post-Soviet nomenclature LENIN’S WARSZAWIANKA… It is no use trying to ‘win’ something at ‘EUROVISION’ with such talents and ‘repertoire’…
It is only there, behind the ‘walls’ of our own slavish fear and constant lies, throwing aside the last remains of the ‘shackles’ of humiliation that we can revive, as though hearing the long-forgotten sound of childhood’s carol again, feel the native smell of hair, the warmth and tenderness of Mother’s hands, a feeling too natural and integral, part of the natural human dignity and freedom…
It is only in this way, by reviving our human and… historic memory, civil conscience and responsibility… that we can become ourselves, the citizens of our own country, Belarus. And this will be our own choice, life and our freedom! Life – not for the well-being of bureaucratic-totalitarian system or any supreme official, but for ourselves, for every one of us, for our children and relatives, for our homes, for our people… and for our independent and European, free and democratic country – Belarus.
Aliaksei Lapitski,
specially for Belarusian Legal Portal,

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