2009 30/07

Leanid Svetsik, Vitsebsk

Leanid Svetsik, Vitsebsk

Thus, the human rights activists helped people, but who will help the activist?
Vitsebsk human rights activist Leanid Svetsik has received a reply to his claim lodged with the Constitutional Court of Belarus, saying that having considered the events dating back to 17 July 2009, mentioned in the claim, the Court passed judgment #P-360-2009 ‘On Securing Equal Rights of Citizens in the Labour Sector.’
In its verdict, already registered in the National Register of Legal Acts of the Republic of Belarus, the Constitutional Court accepted the arguments by the human rights activist pertaining to the illegality of the existing discriminative system of employment restrictions, based on age and place of residence, and:
1. ‘Finds it necessary, with a view to secure the implementation of the Constitutional rights of citizens to work… to amend:
– Article 14 of the Labour Code of the Republic of Belarus, hence considering age and place of residence as discriminative circumstances and specifying their open enumeration;
– Articles 10 and 21 of the Law on Employment of the Republic of Belarus, specifying the existing enumeration of discriminative circumstances and introducing provisions, securing the inadmissibility of using discriminative conditions in employment supplies by employers.’
Therefore, the Constitutional Court resolves:
2. ‘To recommend the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus to draft a law on amending the Labour Code of the Republic of Belarus and the Law on Employment of the Republic of Belarus, and introduce it, in accordance with the established procedure, to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus.’

P.S. However, Leanid Svetsik, noted for his human rights activities, is currently in need of support and protection (!).
As we reported before, Leanid Svetsik had been convicted of ‘fomenting race hatred’ and sentenced to an unprecedented fine of BYR 31,500,000 (over 10,000 US dollars).
The activist says the shameful trial is part of a politically-motivated, well-designed and purposeful campaign of harassing Belarusian human rights activists.
The existing regime cannot so far face the truth perceived by ‘the Belarus-enchanted Europe from the mouths of domestic human rights activists.’

Ales Volny,
Belarusian Legal Portal

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