2009 01/09

It is difficult not to notice the signs of national, language and political discrimination. However this unprecedented and legally senseless determination can lead the nomenclature to fall flat on their faces.

Janka’s Lapitski parents are offended by rude and illegal actions of the local authorities and they are to sue the officials. They are determined to achieve the restoration of their inherent rights and bringing the officials to responsibility. They are also intended to be recompensed for losses which were caused by the discriminative actions of the direction of Zhodzina executive local government body.
However despite all the discriminative actions of the officials Belarusian-language education will not be stopped this year.

Tomorrow Janka is starting his Belarusian-language upper seconadry sdudying. Mr. Henadz Korshun, director of Gymnasia №1 received additional necessary documents for the formalization another status of the Belarusian-language educative process.

After Aliaksej Lapitski gave the necessary documents, Mr. Korshun decided to take the opinion of the officials of the executive local government body in order to recieve the final permission on realization of Belarusian-language education, which was conditioned with the parents and coordinated with Ministry of Education. Only then Mr.Korshun gave the order to organize the educative process for Janka.

It is necessary to be admitted, that this form of education doesn’t affect much the teaching situation and Janka will not probably notice any differences. He will continue to study in the specially prepared classroom in Gymnasia №1, in which he studied earlier. Some of the subjects, such as physical education and singing will be studied together with the pupils of 8A class. All the additional activities Janka will attend together with the same 8A class and Belarusian-speaking form mistress Ms.Natallia Makarchyk.

However, the parents admit, that the compromise proved to be achieved not because of the offcicials, who understood their mistakes or because of their wish to assist.

It is obvious, that the officials behave rude and uncompromising. They only followed the will of still unnamed «higher official» when pressing the family of human rights defenders in Zhodzina.

A bright example of such actions was the meeting of the executive local government body on 30 August 2009 when the artificial problem, caused by the decision №928 of the executive local government body, was not even discussed, as well as the appeals of the parents and curcumstances mentioned in the appeals.

It is necessary to be mentioned, that the situation takes place at the time when the parents (as well as the officials of the Ministry of Education, who are controlling the process) are waiting for the appeal to be considered in 10 days as it is fixed by law, considering urgency and importance of the matter and the consultations that had taken place. The matter is to be discussed at the next meeting of the executive local government body and the situation is to be solved by the 1 September of 2009. The compromise suggestions of the parents are to be considered.

According to the obvious circumstances it can be concluded, that the main aim of the discriminative decision №928 of the executive local government body is not budget savings or “lack of the teenager’s socialization”. It is becoming obvious that all the actions are aimed at the impact on the parents by pressing their son:

1) for the closing the Belarusian-language education in Gymnasia №1 in Zhodzina, which is one of the three best educational establishments in Minsk region;

2) in order to decrease the activity of the parents as civil activists, human rights defenders, co-founders of The Human Rights Center “Viasna”, which was liquidated, and non-registered NGO “Nasha Viasna”, active election observers (as well in 2008).

And this coordinated and approved unspoken directive is realized by the higher officials of the top-down command structure of the local and regional level.

The authorities are acting with the obvious violating of the legislation in power. Moreover, the official are sure in their impunity, while the unpunished violators become hundred times more impudent..

It is difficult not to notice that all the actions are performed beyond Constitutional legal environment, they contravene the international norms and principles in the sphere of human rights, while The Republic of Belarus obligated to observe the mentioned norms as the member country and signatory state of the Covenant on civil and political rights and the optional protocol to it.

The officials of Zhodzina executive local government body violate the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, the legislation in power, the Covenant on civil and political rights and other international treaties in the sphere of human rights. At the same time Janka’s Lapitski parents will be constantly pressed, as they are to address the medical establishments in order to get Janka’s health certificates and appeal to Zhodzina executive local government body every 6 months.

Thus the officials create the illegal situation when Janka’s Lapitski parents become dependent. The situation allows the officials to press the human rights defenders referring to the future of their son and to make them to stop their human rights, civil and political activities. The officials discriminate them and press because of the language, national and political characteristics and are to make them abandon the realization of their views within the Constitutional rights and freedoms.



Here are the documents, which were filed to Gymnasia №1 and allowed not to continue Janka’s studying in the Belarusian language even after the discriminative decision №928 of the executive local government body came into force:

1) Appeal to Gymnasia №1 (a copy in the Belarusian language);

Даведка з рэкамэндацыямі хатняга навучаньня дзіцяці

Medical certificate with the recomentations of home studying (a copy in the Russian language)


Alies Volny,


Belarusian Legal Portal

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