2009 30/08
Таіса Данілеві, Упраўленьне адукацыі Менаблвыканкаму

Taisa Danilevich

She proves it by the necessity of deeper socialization of the Belarusian-speaking teenager.

Home studying or individual form of studying (without taking into consideration that Russian-language or village education is absolutely unacceptable) were suggested as an alternative.

The officials believe that Belarusian-speaking teenager all the recent years was deprived of socializing (when Janka studied in Gymnasia №1 and freely communicated with pupils and teachers) for the settlement of somehow noticed “problem”. There was either an excessive using of the Belarusian language, or his communicative “troubles” with rightly-oriented society (which is probably known only to that officials).

In reference with the received answer of 28 August 2009 the parents of Janka Lapitski appealed to the Minister of Education Mr. Aliaksandr Radzkou on 28 August 2009. However, the final meeting of Zhodzina executive local government body is taking place on 30 August 2009.

The parents hope that the higher administration of Ministry of Education will timely react on the violent actions in Zhodzina and defend the constitutional rights and freedoms of Belarusian-speaking citizens and their Belarusian-speaking children.

There is not so much time left.

However, it remains to be seen, whether the officials acknowledge their own mistakes and make decisions in constitutional manner, provide real guarantees and fulfill their promises considering the realization of the rights and freedoms by the people of the Republic of Belarus.

1) Apply to the Educational authority of Minsk executive local government body (a copy in the Belarusian language).

Копія адказу кіраўніцы Упраўленьня Адукацыі Менаблвыканкаму, Данілевіч Т.І.

The answer of Taisa Danilevich (a copy in the Belarusian language)

3) Apply to the Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus (a copy in the Belarusian language).

Ales Volny

Belarusian Legal Portal



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