2009 20/08

Герб ПагоняAbsurd continue to take place – there are always enough people’s money on the fight against people.
It is obvious that in Zhodzina region “socialist competition” of law enforcement bodies and nomenclature of Zhodzina and Smaliavichi takes place. The actions are aimed at prosecution of bearers of national consciousness and Belarusian culture, at liquidation of that national consciousness that still remains in the society.

THE LATEST OUTSTADING EXAMPLE is provided by the events that took place in Smaliavichy, a town with 20 000 residents, where there is a demonstrative soviet monument to Lenin on the only town square, where there buildings of representative and executive state bodies, police and official newspaper…

The authorities started persecution of Andrej Kasheuski, who hung out a white-red-white flag on his private house.

The flag appeared in spring 2009 and was not approved by the local authorities, however it was difficult to find the owners at home, as they live in that house in Smaliavichy only in summer, and other periods they live in Zhodzina.

At last on 14 August 2009 police tour of duty required the flat to be removed. However the owner’s son Andrej Kasheuski didn’t let them in the yard and asked to explain the situation. Then the policemen changed the tactics. They made a telephone call to the place of Andrej’s father’s work and asked him to visit their office in Smaliavichy. With a reference that the flag doesn’t match the esthetic and architectural appear of the city, the policemen removed it and pulled it into pieces. Andrej’s father was warned that in case the flag was hung out again he would have troubles at work.

However on the following day Andrej hung out a new flag on the same place. Soon Andrej was arrested. He was taken to the temporary detention facility, where he was kept all the weekend.

On Monday, 17 August 2009 their was a trial. Then Andrej Kasheuski found out that he is accused of disorderly conduct according to the article 17.1 Administrative Offences Code of the Republic of Belarus. It was said that he was arguing with his father and violating public order. The judgment of the court was to bring the examination of the case forward and to subpoena Andrej’s father.

It is necessary to remind that recently the officials react hardly on hanging out a Belarusian national flag. They are trying to bring the citizens to responsibility for such actions without any case to answer.
In Homel, for example, the administrative commission of Soviet region fined the activist of the “Za svabodu” movement Zinaida Shumila for 175 000 rubles as it was decided that she had no right to hang out Belarusian national flag and the EU flag on her private house.

Earlier the same “unregistered symbols” on a private house in Kletsk wasn’t approved by the local authorities. The officials asked the owner of the house to remove the flag of his own free will. In other case he was threatened with the “article” and his wife with troubles at work.

In Brest on 25 March 2009 policemen visited Iryna Laurouskaja, who had hung out a 2-meter white-red-white flag from the window of her flat on the second floor of the block of flats on Pushkinskaja str.
The policemen stated that the fishing tackle which was used as a flagpole “doesn’t match the esthetics of the street”, made a picture of the flag, confiscated it and drew up a report of confiscation. The fishing tackle wasn’t confiscated. The policemen promised to examine the case.

Usually hanging out a white-red-white flag is considered by the law enforcement bodies and courts as hooliganism and fine the guilty. These cases often take place in Minsk, Vitsebsk, Brest, Hrodna and other cities.

The statement that the flag doesn’t match the exterior is absurd as then all the state flags which are hung out on numerous state buildings throughout Belarus must be removed.

In this way the nomenclature spends peoples money on the struggle against national heritage and historical relics of the Belarusian people.

It necessary to admit, that on such struggle there is always enough money, “petrol” and “brains”…

According to: spring96.by

Ales Volny

Belarusian Legal Portal



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