2009 22/08

The officcials started thinking what to do.. As 1 September is coming without any delay.. And then will they be brought to responsibility? Then all of them try to understand what is better to do further.. – to allow or not to allow…, what will be the final order? And what to do in order to remain spotless: either it is better to refer to “bad” executive local government body or to blame those who gave that brutal direction to discriminate Belarusian-language education…?

In any case, the problem that appeared in the beginning of the summer because of the discriminative decision №298 of the executive local government body about the termination of Janka’s Lapitski Belarusian-language education in Gymnasia №1 in Zhodzina remains unsettled.

Taking into consideration everything written above it may seem that during the last several months the state literally together with a right regime and all the hopes for the democratic and legal steps for the better failed to prove true.

We can as well remember two new death sentences when a “naive” EU is waiting for the abolishment of capital punishment and opening the way to consistent joining of the country to the lost earlier membership in PACE; a disgraceful trial on a human rights defender Leanid Svetsik…; one more provocative and agitational process in mass media against human rights defender as a profession; refusal to register a range of civil and democratic organizations, a well-known human rights organization “Nasha Viasna”; police and court persecution for usage of historical and national symbols of Belarusian people even on private territory, and at last the termination of Janka’s Lapicki Belarusian-language education in Gymnasia №1 here, in Belarus…

And what is waiting for us in the future? True elections? And then… in a circle again?

As it turned out, on 21 August 2009 Aliaksej Lapitski met Henadz Korshun, the director of Gymnasia №1. The director determined the position of Janka’s parents and tried to specify their attitude to a new possible decision of executive local government body of Zhodzina which wil probably allow not to stop Belarusian-language education and provide it fully in Gymnasia’s classrooms, which is ready for holding classes in usual regime. It is also turned out that there are new textbooks for Janka and the directorate proved that the necessary level of Belarusian-language education can be provided readily and without obstacles.

As the result, the sides agreed that any compromise decision, either a new decision or the abolishment of the previous one will not affect the level of Janka’s Belarusian-language education in Gymnasia №1. The Gymnasia is able to provide a proper level of education and to decrease the psycological discomfort because of organizational moments of his studing. “However it is rather difficult to hide what everybody talks about…” –Mr. Korshun admitted. It was agreed that the wish of the parents and their requirement of proper upper secondary level of education in the Belarusian language for their son to be taken into consideration in the new decision (if it appears, of course).

After a meeting with the director of Gymnasia №1, Aliaksej Lapitski appealed to the executive local government body of Zhodzina once again – APPEAL TO THE EXECUTIVE LOCAL GOVERNMENT BODY OF ZHODZINA (a copy in the Belarusian language)

It was unusual that this time police quards showed personal discontent caused by the visit of a human rights defender and especially by the fact that he made a picture of the building of the executive local government body of Zhodzina (!?) – he was stopped for a conversation and revelation of the aims of the visit, than a remark about camera was made – the quards refered to some inner INSTRUCTION…At the appeals departments the head of the department refered to the lack of competence when she refused to accept the appeal (!?). However everything turned out all right.

In the following week, on 27-29 August 2009, on the eve of the school year, the executive local government body of Zhodzina is holding it’s next meeting.

We hope that by this time the officers will have examined the legislation, their own functions and the norms of the constitutional law and make an optimal decision on Janka’s Belarusian-language education.

Ales Volny

Belarusian Legal Portal


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