2009 22/08

On 21 August 2009 activists from Homel Andrej Tolchyn, Aliaksandr Protska and Igar Rejzlin lodged a claim to United Nations Human Rights Committee. They repot about restrictions from the Republic of Belarus of their rights to exercise the freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of information.
All the activists protest against judgments, that restrict their freedom of dissemination of information on Charnobyl NPP accident.

In April 2009 an activist of United Civil Party (UCP) Andrej Tolchyn was arrested for 5 days. He was accused of stacking disorder of mass action in Naroulia. All the appeals to Regional and Supreme Courts which stated the illegality of punishment remained unsuccessful. Though Andrej decided to address United Nations Human Rights Committee:

“The state made me do so. Here no one can defend his rights. In Naroulia I was giving out leaflets with the information about a visit of UNP leaders to a monument on Charnobyl NPP accident anniversary. There were no slogans or anything of the kind. I was caught by police while I was doing it. I didn’t deny that I was giving out the leaflets, I tried to prove that I have a legal right to do it. Judge Vaurynovich found me guilty in five minutes and punished me with 5 days of arrest”.

In Bragin on the eve of Charnobyl NPP accident anniversary policemen and people in plain clothes arrested Aliaksandr Protska for the giving out the same leaflets. He was brought to the court, where he was punished with a fine. The sum of fine came to 105 000 rubles. Mr. Protska was deprived of the possibility to appeal his punishment in the higher authority.

The other day before Charnobyl NPP accident anniversary Igar Rejzlin was caught by policemen. Policemen checked his house, they found leaflets about floral tribute to a memorial and drew up a report on stacking disorder of mass action. The activist failed to give out even one leaflet. However Jaraslau Paremski, a judge of Chyhunachny district court, punished Mr. Rejzlin with a fine of 700 000 rubles:

”I believe it’s illegal. According to the Constitution I have a right to disseminate the information which is not harmful to people’s moral and doesn’t call upon to violence. There is no need in allowance for that. And the fine I was punished with is illegal”.

The number of claims to United Nations Human Rights Committee from citizens of Homel increases. Leanid Sudalenka, a lawyer and a member of UCP, who helps the convicts to defend their rights in influential international organization refers:

“During the last three years more than 50 personal claims have been lodged by the citizens of Homel region. Most of the claims are connected with the restriction of freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of information. Unfortunately the Republic of Belarus doesn’t provide people with their rights, which are declared in the Constitution and international agreements. Courts punish activists with fines and arrests. The situation makes people appeal to the international community in order to defend their rights.”

According to “Radyjo Svaboda”



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