2009 22/08
Алег Гулак, страшыня БГК

Aleh Hylah

Belarusian Helsinski Committee (BHC), a registered human rights organization, has made two special appeals to Prosecutor’s office and Ministry of Education in support of interests of the parents of Janka Lapicki, who’s inherent right on free obligatory general education in Belarusian language in Gymnasia №1 in Zhodzina was violated for the second time during the last 4 years by the actions of local authorities.

With reference to the necessity of budget savings Zhodzina executive local government bodies tried to make Janka change the language of education from Belarusian to Russian once again.

In 2004 the family refused from such state “service” and nearly a year and 2 months had to bear losses because of necessary home schooling of their son.

The revocation of this discriminatory decision, which made the continuation of Belarusian-language education possible for Janka, lasted since 18 October 2005…

Before 1 September 2009 this decision can be reconsidered without complicating the artificial problem, which was created by the authorities once again. School directorate proved that the necessary level of Belarusian-language education can be provided readily and without obstacles.

The situation is like running in the vicious circle! The director will have to execute an illegal decision when neither he nor the parents and Belarusian-speaking pupil are interested in such situation.

Thus the problem turns out to be considered as the possibility for the authorities to accept such decisions. The authorities dishonestly continue violating the rights of Belarusian-speaking citizens and their children as no one was brought to responsibility for such violations. Current situations allows the officers to feel free while they must not violate the rights of the citizens, on the contrary they must provide all the necessary conditions for the rights to be realized.

Moreover, such decisions have a bad influence on those parents who are to choose the language of education for their children. The attitude of the authorities discredits current regulations of Ministry of Education aimed at increasing the number of parents choosing Belarusian-language education for their children and disturbs the confidence of citizens in getting education in native language.

Then it happen so, that one hand pretends that gives you something, and the other one dishonestly deprives you of what you have received. Belarusians are being deprived of their heritage, their national features and fortune, and that leads to uncertain future.

The situations looks like purposeful sabotage which has apprehended and clear aims…even a range of aims. However, all of them are either illegal or destructive. This way the reference on the searching of the ways to budget savings is absurd, as any economy by means of violations of rights are illegal actions, which must be the ground for bringing to responsibility.

It is obvious that in such situation there is no possibility for Belarusian-language education to become widely spread, as parents from the very beginning choose that educational environment, which is stable and accredited and where children can get proper education without any “experiments”. The direction of executive local government body seems not to approve this situation. Practice shows that actions of local authorities are systematic, conscious and purposeful…

In reference with current illegal actions of authorities of Zhodzina and unsettled problem of language in education, violation of range of inherent rights and freedoms of citizens… – BHC in it’s appeals pays the attention of Prosecutor’s office and Ministry of Education to the fragrant violations of legislation, the Constitution of Republic of Belarus and International Standards of Law by the authorities and demands proper measures on the settlement of the problem, which was artificially created by the authorities of Zhodzina, to be taken.

APPEAL TO MINSK OBLAST PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE (a copy in the Russian language)

APPEAL TO THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION (a copy in the Russian language)

Ales Volny

Belarusian Legal Portal,


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