2009 23/08

velichkoThe press center of “Church of God” reports that on 19 August 2009 the officials of the ideological department of Zhodzina executive local government bodies together with fire emergency and unidentified police officers made a raid on a private house at Lahojskaja str., which belongs to a bishop of “Church of God” Aliaksandr Vialichka.
Aliaxandr Vialichka, a pastor of “Church of God”, regional bishop tells:

- On 19 August 2009 officials of the ideological department of Zhodzina executive local government bodies together with fire emergency and unidentified police officers made a raid on our private house.

All the guests were required to leave the room. The officers had not explained any of their actions or showed any documents, moreover, they even had not identified themselves. The guests, who had come to have a cup of tea after a football match, were threatened with further troubles and were made to give their personal data.

The police officer in the rank of captain, who was at the head of the group, was out of the uniform, was rude and threatened all the present. He offended all the guests by calling them “criminals and lazy-bones”. It happened after he had asked where everybody worked and received an answer that nobody worked nowhere. Everybody turned out to be students of various universities.

Nearly at 7 p.m. a neighbourhood police inspector came. He was asked about the reasons of such attention of state bodies to the “Church of God”. A young lieutenant explained, that the previous visit was the result of an anonymous claim, in which a disagreement on illegal, as the anonym believed, reconstruction of a burned house was expressed.

Today our non-registered association is waiting for the renewal of repressions from the authorities. Earlier the ideological department of executive local government bodies holded various activies, which were aimed at threatening of association members. Repeated public offences of believers, even at the time of church services, from the officers of executive local government bodies and similar actions unfortunately have become traditional.

Now police officers dishonestly threaten us in our private homes. Members of the association do not know what they can face in future.

However, there is a risk of the house (which is the property of our family) to be demolished, as the town authorities arrived at a decision of the house being demolished. This decision has been appealed at numerous higher authorities.

The association cannot be registered as there is no possibility to find a legal address. De facto address is acknowledged by the authorities as unsuitable. The officials of executive local government bodies publicly say that our association “will never be registered”.

The representative of Minsk executive local government bodies at the time of a similar raid ordered that we are to be made to leave this house by any means and even suggested to “plant drugs”.

Our appeals to different state bodies resulted only in formal replies, such as “the facts failed to be proved”. We understand, that we cannot find justice nowhere but in God.

Though we ask everybody unindifferent to join the prayer for our associaton. We need help.

Pastor of  “Church of God”

Aliaksandr Vialichka

source: churchofgod39.ru

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