2009 23/07

The leader of the United Civil Party has sent a letter to the Interior Minister Anatol Kulyashou.

In the address the politician offered the minister to give an explanation for actions of law-enforcing agencies of Zhodzina chief directorate of Interior Affairs.

On Friday police tried to prevent handing out of independent newspaper “Novy chas” near the entrance of BELAZ plant. 6 activists of the United Civil party and “Young Democrats” activists were detained. 500 copies of “Novy chas” were seized.

The UCP leader asks the minister: “Why skills of policemen in Minsk allow them to understand tat “Novy chas” is a state-registered newspaper, and its dissemination does not need any approvals, and 14 policemen in Zhodzina who were carrying out a “special operation” detaining pro-democracy activists were unable to understand that?”

Anatol Lyabedzka offers to carry out investigation of the incident and return informational products seized illegally, the website www.ucpb.org informs.

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