2009 14/05

КодексAdministrative responsibility can be introduced in Belarus in addition to the existing criminal liability for distribution of extremist materials. This legal norm is contained in the Belarusian draft law “On Introduction of Supplements and Amendments to Certain Codes of Belarus on the Issues of Criminal and Administrative Responsibility,” the BelTA News Agency informs with a reference to the Standing Committee on Legislature, Judicial and Legal Issues at the Chamber of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus.
According to the draft law, the Code on Administrative Torts will be supplemented with an article, introducing administrative liability for publishing, distribution and storage of extremist materials, if these actions do not have formal components of a crime. A scale of fines will be introduced for breaking the law. Thus, an individual will be fined 10 – 50 base amounts (approx. EUR 90 — 450); an individual entrepreneur will be fined 50 – 100 base amounts (approx. EUR 450 — 900); and a legal entity will be penalized with a fine that amounts 100 – 500 base amounts (approx. EUR 900 – 4,500).

It is expected that the document may be adopted after the second reading during the spring session of the Chamber of Representatives of Belarus (the lower chamber of Belarusian parliament).


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