2009 07/05

On 7 May people were detained in Mahilou at a concert played by Lyapis Trubetskoy, while the musicians were singing the song Belarus Freedom.

As musicians started singing the song, youngsters raised national white-red-white flags.

The police burst in Liha club, where the gig was taking place, and started catching those who had the flags. They also detained everyone who had national symbols – small white-red-white flags or Pahonia coat of arms – on their bags and cloths. About 20 people were detained, RFE/RL reports.
At 9.30 p.m. three detainees (Vital Markau, Stanislau Senakosau and Alexander Tsitou) were guarded to Leninski district police department of Mahililiou and were released only at 2 a.m. They were interrogated by the senior lieutenant Viachaslau Akulich. A violation report was drawn up against the activists, but the police officers refused to issue a copy of it to the youngsters.

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