2009 06/05

БХДOn 6 May a co-chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party Pavel Seviarynets and the responsible secretary of the party Dzianis Sadouski had a meeting with the justice minister Viktar Halavanau concerning registration of the party.

The minister told them that the ministry had received an anonymous letter from some founders of the party and is checking the facts that were presented in it.

The BHD representatives, in their turn, passed to the ministry the address of the East European Christian democratic parties in which they express indignation with non-registration of the party. Viktar Halavanau promised that the ministry would take a final decision on registration of the party by 13 May.

Source: Nasha Niva.

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One thought on “Ministry of Justice is considering an anonymous letter related to Belarusian Christian Democracy Party”

  1. Dorothy says:

    My hat is off to your astute cmomnad over this topic-bravo!

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